This Is Your President! Biden Mumbles Incoherently Reading His Notes at Fema Meeting (Video)

Monday’s live stream from FEMA’s headquarters contained some highly unintentional comedy but we are here for it nonetheless. We are not entirely sure what happened here but we wouldn’t rule out a stroke. Biden’s struggles with public speaking continue. Maybe they need to start sending out Kamala for some of these?

We’re not saying that she’s the greatest orator to ever live but she could probably handle these engagements a bit better than Sleepy Joe does. This briefing about the Atlantic Hurricane Outlook and preparedness efforts at FEMA headquarters on Monday was not supposed to turn into a comedy hour, near as we can tell.

Unfortunately for the Democrats, this is the element that Joe Biden brings to the table. He’s a wild card, in the worst possible way. Even if you hand him some carefully prepared remarks, he will find a way to botch them. It’s almost impressive in a way.

He tried his best to read from the notes but he was unable to handle this simple task. He begins to mutter in a very incoherent manner and he clearly falls apart. Is it any wonder why our foreign adversaries are looking at us differently? They are realizing that this is their time to pounce and we cannot say that we blame them.

The mainstream media should be wagging their fingers at him and talking about his obvious decline. Oh, wait! They only do that when it can be directed at Donald Trump. Mainstream media news outlets were having round table discussions and inviting medical professionals onto their shows to speculate about the mental health of that mean old orange man.

Why is this not a problem anymore, all of a sudden? “We don’t have a moment to lose in preparing for 2021,” this man said. He doesn’t even know what year it is! If Trump had a gaffe this severe, we never would have heard the end of it. They would have been asking which amendment they needed to invoke to get that man out of the White House at once.

Biden does it and he’s treated with kid gloves. They pat him on the head and take him out for ice cream whenever he screws something up and that’s why he does not have any sense of shame about it. In his mind, it is acceptable to remain this clueless because someone else is always going to be there to pick up the pieces.

All we are asking for here is a little bit of fairness but of course, we are not going to get it. Biden can fall over and start drooling in the middle of a news conference and that’s okay. This is something that we apparently have to get used because the days of having a president that people could respect are over.

Trump may not have been winning all of the popularity contests but there was no mistaking the fact that he carried himself in a certain way. He did not allow himself to look foolish when he was speaking in public, that is for sure. In fact, these are the situations where Trump thrived the most.

He clearly loves speaking publicly, whereas Biden seems to view these types of engagements as a horrible chore. It’s easy to see why, especially when public speaking does not come easy to you. In the meantime, all we can do is wait for the day when we have a president who actually knows how to utilize the English language comes along again.

There’s no reason why we should be putting up with this but the steal has yet to be stopped. The liberals are working hard to put a stop to the audit in Arizona because they know that the truth is out there. There’s only so much that they can do to put a stop to it, though. We can’t wait until their little joyride is over!