Toobin’s History of Sexual Misconduct is Nothing New…But Doing This on a Video Call Takes the Cake

With COVID-19 still spreading its droplets of death from sea to shining sea, executives who at one time gathered around large solid oak conference tables are now using the power of the internet to host their meetings. They can interact with one another and discuss business as usual.

ZOOM is the king of all online conference call programs. Simply sign on with a given password, and boom, every smiling face on the call is immediately displayed in full technicolor for everyone else to see.

But this can also pose problems for people who are not as computer savvy as their constituents. Like a two-left-footed dancer, they fumble with their computer camera and microphone, never being really certain who can see and hear them and who can’t.

News teams have also discovered ZOOM to be an effective way of rounding up the troops to discuss the latest hot topics. They have instant access to one another. Legal analyst for CNN and The New Yorker, Jeffrey Toobin, was recently suspended from his job because of his lack of computer literacy.

While on a visual conference call with his colleagues at the New Yorker, Toobin was suddenly filled with the uncontrollable desire to expose himself. Thinking his camera was off, Toobin took the situation in hand with all of the gusto he could muster. But the camera was not off. He had an audience.

As it turned out, Toobin had been multitasking. While discussing news strategies with his higherups, he had another call going on a video sex-line and he got confused. There were women on the New Yorker video call who had to witness a man holding a prominent position (and more), with his pants down, literally.

Walking in the same footprints as Matt Lauer, Charlie Rose, and Mark Halperin, Toobin has a long history of sexual misconduct. In 2010, while still married, Toobin had an affair with Casey Greenfield, the 20-year-old daughter of a CNN correspondent. He told her he was going to leave his wife to be with her.

As time went on Greenfield became suspicious of Toobin’s empty promises and suspected she was not the only “side-chick” on his roster. When Greenfield became pregnant, Toobin offered to pay for an abortion. He told her she would be very sorry if she didn’t go through with it and that she would not receive any financial help from him should she decide to give birth to the illegitimate child.

Greenfield had the child and a Manhattan Family Court judge ordered Toobin to pay child support after a DNA test confirmed his being the biological father. Toobin is an outspoken advocate for legalized abortion.

While most executives who did what he did would have been fired, CNN and the New Yorker chose to simply put him in time out for a while. German Lopez of Vox, tweeted, “Not sure someone getting caught doing something almost everyone does should be a national story.” But it should be a national story.

Buzzfeed’s Scaachi Koul said, “Jeffrey Toobin Can’t Be The Only Person Masturbating On Work Zoom Calls. I mean, who among us, you know?” From the New York Daily News, Jonathan Zimmerman asked: “why the resolute focus on this celebrity? The answer has to do with his particular transgression, of course. . . . News flash: Toobin masturbates. But I’m guessing that you do the same, dear reader. Maybe you should stop feeling weird and guilty about that. Then we can all stop making fun of Jeffrey Toobin.”

The liberal news media is taking Toobin’s side on his disgusting action because CNN, as well as other news outlets that feed off of them, need his expertise right now. Forget how he offended his women colleagues by fully displaying his wares and his lack of seriousness and maturity. There’s an election on the horizon and Toobin is important to them.

CNN claims Toobin asked for some time off to deal with personal matters. ‘Jeff Toobin has asked for some time off while he deals with a personal issue, which we have granted.’. . . Ordinarily Toobin would be busy covering a controversial Supreme Court confirmation and an election that could end up being challenged on legal grounds.”

Vinay Menon of the Toronto Star offered this bit of quackery. “The only person Toobin hurt . . . is Jeffrey Toobin . . . So end this investigation, New Yorker. Chalk this XXX call up to neo-Luddite horniness. Or at the very least, hold off on investigating until the election is over. The same goes for you, CNN. Rescind this “leave of absence” and tell Toobin his service is urgently required. America is at a crossroads and Toobin has a pretty good map in his back pocket, assuming he can keep his pants on . . . Let’s leave it at that and get on with saving America.”

What Toobin chose to do places his judgment in all matters in serious question. A high-profile attorney should know better. Actually, everyone should know better. So if your company is using ZOOM as their method of contact, and you feel you must, please wait until the call has ended. For everybody’s sake.