Top Democrat Busted for Felony Drug Possession

The nation cannot trust Democrats with anything. They are the most hateful and foul people that walk the planet. Democrat Poncho Nevarez has a warrant for his arrest because he was found dealing drugs. He is being charged with felony drug possession.

This all came about when he was seen on camera dropping an envelope with cocaine as he was on his way out of the airport in Austin. It is not clear if he intended to use the drugs himself or had other plans such as selling them to others. One thing is clear, the wretched Democrat has been caught with drugs, and he is now a felon.

His charge was passed on down after a judge issued a warrant for his arrest. Naughty Nevarez will face up to 10 years in prison for possession of the controlled substance. There has been no response from his office concerning this problem.

Every Democrat gets real quiet when they are caught doing something illegal. And they will never stop illegal activity unless they are caught. They love to see what they can get away with. Most Democrats try to hide their stupidity and lie about events. But there is just to much evidence against this demented Democrat.

The affidavit was attached to the warrant that allowed law enforcement officers to arrest Nevarez. The envelope that he dropped had four baggies of cocaine inside. The envelope had his official seal on it.

The fact that the seal was on the envelope further shows that he knew exactly what he was doing. He was trying to hide drugs on his person while traveling around the country. There will be a test done on the envelope to see if his Democratic DNA is on it. More evidence that will convict him and send the Democrat to prison where they all belong.

Naughty Nevarez was set to retire from the lower chamber. He currently chairs the House Homeland Security and Public Safety Committee. Interesting that he is transporting drugs, and he is concerned with public safety. A contradiction in terms. Now he gets to enjoy the first years of his retirement behind bars.

All the plans that he had and the things he wanted to do will have to wait now that he is a felon. Nevarez is playing the sad card as he has stated, “I do not have anyone to blame but myself. I accept this because it is true and it will help me get better.” He only accepts this because he got caught. Not because he is sorry or wants help. He got caught and now is acting all sorry when deep down he is not sorry. He is only sorry that he got caught.

He had two grams of cocaine in the envelope. At some point, Nevarez made a deal with a drug dealer and paid money for his fun. His fun has just turned into prison time. One law enforcement official stated that regarding the envelope “Through training and experience, I have learned that individuals involved in the possession of narcotics would like to remain discreet and typically conceal the narcotics as best they can. Therefore, it is reasonable to believe that [Nevarez], using his own letterhead envelope, licked and sealed the envelope that contained the cocaine in order to keep it concealed.” He just stated that they expect to find his DNA on the envelope.

Nevarez was adding to his problem drugs. He used to serve as an attorney before being arrested for drug possession. He held key positions in politics, but now those positions will be filled by someone else. He certainly is not planning on seeking reelection other Democrats have said.

This is one of those sorry statements that just does not need to be said as it is pretty obvious that he cannot engage in politics while in prison. Just another attempt by the stupid Democrats to play a mercy card for the poor soul that will now be sent to live behind the bar for the next 10 years of his life.