Trump Engages in Heated Debate with Bernie Sanders on Socialism

An ongoing back and forth debate has been going between Bernie Sanders and President Trump since the two were in Iowa on Thursday of last week.  All of the presidential candidates identify Bernie Sanders as a “Socialist.”

More rebuttals came from the State of the Union Address and in the days ahead of President Trump.  He has said on several different occasions, “America will NEVER be a Socialist nation!”  That is Bernie Sander’s number one dream.

There is a sign outside of one of the Sanders campaign offices that proves Sanders supports “social equality and equal opportunity for all.”  His platform supports government owned everything, which is the foundation of “socialism.”  President Trump calls it out for what it really is, “communism.”

Beginning last Thursday, President Trump fought back against the “socialism” Sanders brings to the table.  Within the first two minutes of his rally, he brought up the fiery debate by saying, “This November, we’re going to defeat the radical socialist Democrats that are right down the street.”

Monday, as fears were drawing closer of a Sanders’ win in the Iowa caucuses, President Trump slammed Democrats and Sanders again.  He referred to them as “radical leftist,” and the heated debates fired up again about if America can handle a socialist president or some of the aspects of socialism.  The answer is NO!!!

Low and behold, no one knows what happened, but the systems suspiciously failed as no one knew who the winner was till late Tuesday night into Wednesday.  This leads many people to believe the Democrats are at it again, rigging their own elections.  No one wants a Bernie Sanders win, not even the Democrats.

President Trump has taken every strike he can against Sanders, especially since the two were in the same state last week.  According to a senior administration official, President Trump will hit the topic again, along with bashing Democrats for the failed impeachment process.

Even “Sleepy” Joe Biden goes after Sanders for his socialist agendas. Still, the two are not that far apart on their ideas.  Both are very corrupt, and neither is good for America.  It is scary enough Sanders has led in the polls, and they pulled this same stunt last election when they got Hillary the win for the nomination.

Since one of Sanders’ speeches in June of last year, he has been identified as the “democratic socialist” candidate.  In his statement, he said, “Democratic socialism means to me requiring and achieving political and economic freedom in every community in this country.”  He separates socialism by saying “democratic” instead of authoritarian.  But we know what it is.

Bernie Sanders is not a Democrat.  He is an Independent.  Independents can go in any direction.  Sanders has the far left field way out there in the boonies.  Even Biden called him out on this by saying, “I’m a Democrat.  He says he’s not. He says, you know, he’s not registered as a Democrat, to the best of my knowledge. And Bernie has a different view.”

Even Bernie Sanders’ wife, Jane Sanders, got in on the heated debate with one Bernie supporter about if he was a Democrat or what?  She defended her husband by saying, “In Vermont, we don’t have party registration.  So, you just say what you are.”  She added, “So, I don’t know how else to do it.  If he had been in another state, he would have had to register as a Democrat. We can’t as a Vermonter.”  Poor defense…

A poll from Fox News shows 57 percent of Americans are not in favor of socialism.  There were 32 percent who wanted socialism, and 15 percent were undecided.  That is almost scary when you think about it.  That is just less than half of Americans that can go either way.  One person thinking socialism is great is too many.

To show how lousy socialism is, Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez supports Bernie Sanders and is a democratic socialist.  Is this what these idiots want?  This is why President Trump is fighting for us every single day, so people like AOC, Sanders, Clinton, Biden, and the others don’t corrupt the foundation of America.

The sad part is people fall for it every time.  The Socialist Democrats have increased their numbers since the 2018 election.  Who do we have to thank?  The younger generation.  These are the people the Socialist feed off of just like Hitler did.  President Trump is the only one who can stop them.