Trump: May the Force Be with You

President Trump is certainly a man that thinks outside the box. He is a visionary and a planner all wrapped into one. He is the very one that was needed to set America out on the path to greatness. He came on the scene when no one else knew what to do to save America from the mess that Obama left in 2016.

As a visionary, he is one that sees where he wants to go, and he will have already thought of different ways to get there. These are just a few of the qualities that make him a great president. His latest victory that makes America great is the signing of the National Defense Authorization Act.

In this Act comes the formation of a dream that so many presidents have had, but lacked the vision to see it become a reality. But President Trump has issued the decree for Space Force to become reality. With the stroke of a pen, the U.S. Air Force Space Command has been created.

General John Raymond stated, “The law states that Air Force Space Command will be re-designated the United States Space Force, that will happen immediately.” Raymond is the commander of Space Force. There is already an Air Force Space Command, but all the people are being rolled into this newer and expanded version.

One official has noted that the military members that focus on space and others like them will be transferred over. Many support positions will also be added as time moves on.

Raymond stated that “We want to build this service to be lean and agile, we’re going to rely on very heavily support functions from the Air Force.” He also stated as to the growth of the program “There will be additional segments to come, so, for example, there might be other units that are outside of Air Force Space Command purview that would also come into this service as well.”

Space Force will be measured by the technology and capabilities that come with the idea. One official stated that “The Space Force won’t be measured by the number of people unlike for instance the Marine Corps, which is really a labor-intensive service. Space Force is much more measured by the technology and the capabilities.” The high-tech end of the military will be like nothing that exists now. The best in their fields will have the chance to be a part of this new military branch.

The new branch of the military is going to have to take on its own identity in the months to come to Raymond pointed out that “We do have a plan to rename the principal Air Force bases that house space units to be Space Bases. That will occur in the months ahead, and we’ll plan that appropriately.

There are, as you can imagine, thousands and thousands of actions that are going to have to take place, everything from what does the uniform look like, to the logo, all the way up to who’s in the Space Force and who’s not in the Space Force. That work is being planned and will continue to be refined.”

The world continues to race into space. President Trump has stated “This is a very big and important moment. Space — there’s going to be a lot of things happening in space because space is the world’s newest warfighting domain. America’s superiority in space is absolutely vital and we’re leading, but we’re not leading by enough, but very shortly we’ll be leading by a lot.”

There is always a lot of work that has to be done when something new starts up. It will take time, but the president is right when he stated that America needs to lead the way. If America falls short in space, the nation will lose forever the right to lead the world into the future.

Raymond was appointed by President Trump. He now serves as part of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The position that he has is new and it is going to be very exciting to watch how it grows and develops to meet the demands of the future.