Trump Rubs Salt in Democrat’s Wounds as He Reveals His Plans for the Future

President Trump is the master at keeping the Democrats off balance and looking like fools to the American people. So far, Joe Biden and his fellow puppet, Kamala Harris, have provided nothing by way of promises or a plan for the future of the United States.

The president has held off revealing his, so it is fresh on everyone’s mind as the nation moves closer to November. Biden has yet to come up with a plan because he and the rest of the Democrats are licking their wound from being at war with the president.

In 2016 the president gave a list of things that he considered to be a necessity for the United States. And for the next four years, he has crossed off each item on his list as each promise was fulfilled. The Democrats were so enraged after losing in 2016 that they took four years to fail at unseating him as the president.

The wounds that they have are a directed result of their failures and attempts to discredit the president. The salt is the agenda that he is now proposing moving ahead in 2020. His plan calls for radical changes designed to keep America great and let people realize the American dream.

Every Trump support is cheering on the president, and now it looks like the independent crowd is flocking to his side. Every person in the country is tired of the lies and the empty posturing that the Democrats are putting before the people.

Biden is losing badly in the latest Rasmussen poll. Only 39 percent of the people polled actually care about what he is thinking. 44 percent of the people have gravitated to the president’s side. November is going to be a red month as the blue is washed off the map.

President Trump’s campaign made the following statement regarding his list of promises, “President Trump will further illuminate these plans during his acceptance speech Thursday at the Republican National Convention. Over the coming weeks, the President will be sharing additional details about his plans through policy-focused speeches on the campaign trail.”

This is excellent news for every voter supporting the president. He is planning on driving home his exciting agenda right up to election day. Every Trump supporter will head to the polls with a smile and rub the win in every face of every liberal.

The biggest agenda item for the president is the creation of 10 million jobs in 10 months. This significant endeavor is not wishful thinking since everything so far has come true. That agenda item alone puts the unemployment rate back to an all-time low.

He also is going to focus on the small business sector. This area of the economy has been hit hard by the virus. So, he wants to create 1 million new small businesses and cut taxes for workers to keep their money. Part of the plan is to put in place fair trade deals with other countries, so American jobs are protected.

President Trump continues to put Americans first. His plan also calls for a return to normal early in 2021. The Democrats hate this idea as they want to keep people locked in their homes for years to come. His plan to protect Americans cuts the dependency on foreign nations for drugs. He plans to pull all of that sector to American soil.

No longer can China force their way into American pockets. The president plans on bringing back jobs to American soil. He will provide incentives for every company that brings its people home. China will be held accountable for the destruction of life that they have caused around the world.

Democrats are so worried about prescription drugs being available for people, but they have yet to show how they will ensure that everyone has access to what they need. President Trump has plans on cutting prices and making them more affordable to more people that need them.

The facts tell of a bright future for America at the hands of President Trump. The Democrats have a dark and destructive plan for the country. To vote for a Democratic president is to turn one’s back on America and embrace a terrorist standpoint.