Trump Said He’ll Use the Defense Production Act, But What is It?

The president is once again doing what is right for the country as he initiates the Defense Production Act. The DPA gives the president the powers that he needs to get the supplies needed to wage a war on the virus.

He has the right to ask the public sector for help in producing the masks, ventilators, gloves and other things that are used to care for people. This allows him to bypass the red tape and take quick actions to save the lives of the sick.

He stated that “We will be invoking the Defense Production Act. We have targets for certain pieces of equipment. We’ve ordered millions of masks, but we need millions more. We need ventilators … it’s a complicated piece of equipment.”

He was hoping that he would not have to use the power, but the virus is moving quickly. People are going to need these things, and they need to be on hand to use.

No matter what decision he makes there are going to be people that disagree with the way he is handling things. Some Democrats have gone on record and claimed that he is downplaying the virus while at the same time criticizing the way he has handled the situation. President Trump patiently tells them that no one can see into the future. The decision to use the DPA was not seen until it was needed.

President Trump has listened to the doctors that have been asking for more medical equipment. They are wanting to have them on hand in case they are needed. He believes that the best-case scenario is that they will never be used.

But America needs to be ready for what is coming. The numbers are going to continue to grow before they get better.

The president has spoken with all the major medical suppliers, and they are ready for the challenge. Mike Pence stated that “We’re hearing a tremendous spirit among industry leaders who are ready to step in and add to that volume.”

These companies are ready for the contracts. The DPA gives the president the right to use the private sector to meet the growing need for medical supplies and other needed things.

The president’s decision to use the DPA is only in the best interests of the country and the people. Hospitals and medical centers are going to need them for when patients start showing up.

It is expecting that the numbers will rise over the next few weeks. This decision by the president is one that needed to be made before the country finds itself in trouble. People that have breathing problems are going to suffer the worst as well as those that have underlying conditions.

The DPA allows the United States “to incentivize a company who already makes [emergency medical supplies] to make more of them.” Jeff Bialos said these words to show how the DPA works. Jeff Bialos is an attorney that has worked in defense for industrial affairs over the years.

The United States government would be allowed to provide loans that would essentially allow the companies to produce in mass quantity the items that are needed for medical purposes.

Doctors and health care providers would be able to treat and care for patients without worry that they are going to get sick. At this point, it does not matter if the president has made the right choice.

The decision has been made and now it is time to move forward with production. These are items that need to be made and quickly. The companies that can produce them are on the ball and are already making them in greater quantity.

If these supplies are never needed, then they will be available for use down the road. But President Trump is the one that has to make the decision. Ultimately the decision rests on his shoulders.

For him, it is better to act than to never act at all. He will have critics no matter what he does. President Trump does what is right regardless of what other people think. That is what makes him a great president.