Two of Nation’s Swankiest Neighborhoods Find Out How Much They Need Police

Manhattan and Rodeo Drive got a taste of just how needful police are over the weekend after Antifa protesters caused violence to be the centerpiece of two of the nation’s swankiest areas ahead of the Nov 3 presidential election.

According to The New York Post, anti-Trump protesters clashed with police on Sunday in Manhattan on Sunday. That conflict led to 11 arrests according to the publication.

The presence of police at the events is once again a demonstration of the fact that police and other law enforcement will show up to serve and protect, no matter the attitude of those that they protect.

Much like a parent trying to keep a self-destructive child from hurting themselves, despite the talk of defunding the police, or accusations that brutality is on the rise and discrimination is commonplace, those that wear a badge continue to put themselves in harm’s way to keep the elite safe, in the same way they would their own family.

The post also showed a video of the cops pushing protesters off the sidewalk at West 24th Street and 10th Avenue to clear a path. This, of course, caused outrage from disgruntled anti-Trump protesters who accused police of too much aggression.

“Stop! Stop pushing me!” one protester could be heard shouting as police barricade the street in an area inhabited by many of the nation’s most wealthy.

Another clip showed protesters spewing vile insults at the city’s police force: “It’s f–king New York City. There are people getting f–king raped and murdered,” one protester taunts. “Go fight real crime, you f–king pathetic p–sies.”

“You tell people to get on the f–king sidewalk, then you push us off the fucking sidewalk,” another says. “This is America, right?”

In addition, anti-Trump protesters had a clash with pro-Trump demonstrators at Madison Square Park.

“The anti-Trump group marched to the West Side Highway, before dispersing after concluding the Trump caravans were likely avoiding Manhattan,” the post reported. “One group of truck-driving Trump supporters stopped traffic for an unspecified amount of time on New Jersey’s Garden State Parkway, the video posted to Twitter showed.”

As frustration heightens leading up to the much-anticipated election, officers, businesses, and individuals alike are bracing for the impact that a disgruntled Democrat party could bring to their homes and businesses.

There was a similar scene in Beverly Hills where officers pushed back protesters with billy clubs as clashes between anti-Trump protesters broke out at a pro-Trump rally. According to reports, armored trucks were lined up on the streets that transported officers in full riot gear, all in support of the shop owners who had boarded up their storefronts on the iconic Rodeo Drive area.

The violence between pro-Trump and Antifa groups escalated throughout the day, and according to TMZ, the clashes between the two groups of demonstrators are but an extension of the regular grief the groups have been giving one another in the Los Angeles area. TMZ also reported that officers have broken up more than one fight that was a result of the demonstrations.

The devastating effects of the riots in the spring and summer of this year went so incredibly uninterrupted that the more aggressive factions of the disgruntled Antifa and Black Lives Matters demonstrators.

Unfortunately, success for the protesters will almost certainly spell disaster for the United States system of government and economy. It’s not a complicated web to unweave to see how politicians and talking heads have exacerbated problems in order to stir up trouble for the current administration (and the Republican party in general).

It seems protesters would do well to remember which party it was that supported freeing slaves and civil rights and who it was that wanted to keep Black Americans enslaved, away from the ballot boxes, and increase incarceration rates.