Uh-Oh! FBI and ICE Investigating Ilhan Omar Over Immigration Scheme

Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar’s first term in Congress is almost up. And as such, she is up for reelection. But it’s unlikely that she will win. Firstly, this is because it looks as though she has a rather fierce competitor who also happens to be a Muslim woman and a refugee. But unlike Omar, this newcomer is a strong Republican and loves America.

Also, unlike Omar, she doesn’t have an FBI and ICE investigation hanging over her head. And that brings us to the second reason why Omar will soon be banned from Washington. Omar isn’t going to win because she will be too busy fighting to stay out of jail or worse.

Now before you jump to any conclusions here about what she could be guilty of, know that it isn’t the typical, run of the mill kind of stuff that lawmakers get a smack on the hand every now and then. No, this is much worse. I’m talking about multiple accounts such as perjury, marriage fraud, immigration fraud, state and federal tax evasion, federal student loan fraud, and bigamy.

According to the New York Post, the main accusation is that she married her very own flesh and blood brother so he could become a US citizen.

Naturally, she has denied these accusations, saying they are “disgusting lies.” But the evidence is stacking up, and it’s not looking good for the Somalian-born woman.

So here is what we know:

In 2009, Ilhan Omar married Ahmed Nur Said Elmi, a British citizen. Now, in the Arabic tradition, names are patrilineal. This means that you say the given name, followed by the father’s name, followed by the grandfather’s name and so on, depending on how long or short the parents need or want it to be.

For example, Ahmed is the personal, given, or first name. Nur Said would have been the father’s name. And Elmi is the grandfather’s name.

Now, look at Omar’s father’s name before it was changed after gaining American citizenship. Nur Said Elmi Mohamed. Notice any similarities? I thought so too.

But there is more.

The same year that the two were married, Omar enrolled at North Dakota State University in Fargo. A year later, he enrolled at the same school. Then in 2011, the two filed for separation immediately after Omar graduated.

But they never filed for divorce. Instead, Omar says they “divorced in our faith tradition.”

Just as she had married in faith tradition years earlier to another man and the father of her three children. Ahmed Hirsi and Omar were married according to their faith and not legally in 2002.

She claims they separated in 2008, shortly before she met Elmi, after coming to an “impasse” in their relationship.

But they didn’t live separately. According to David Steinberg, a writer for The Blaze, records show that Omar, Hirsi, their then two children, and Elmi all lived under the same roof until Omar and Elmi’s separation in 2011.

Isn’t that a little odd? The FBI certainly thinks so.

Furthermore, after Elmi and Omar separated, she claimed he moved back to England. She and Hirsi then got back together and she gave birth to their third child.

Then, finally, in 2017, Omar officially filed for divorce from Elmi. According to the Post, “In divorce papers asking to dissolve their marriage by alternate means in 2017, Omar swore under penalty of perjury that she had no way of contacting Elmi and said his last known location was London in June 2011.”

However, proof was found otherwise.

“But lease and eviction records and traffic violations reviewed by The Post suggest Elmi was in the US the whole time – living just 2.6 miles away from her at an apartment in downtown Minneapolis.”

And their social media accounts attest to this. Numerous pictures of the two together were posted, along with comments about him being “the best uncle” to her kids and how much he loved his “nieces.” Naturally, those accounts have been deleted since then.

Now, I don’t know about you, but all of it, every last morsel, seems problematic. And that doesn’t even begin to touch Omar’s most recent affair with a then-married political consultant that her campaign paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to.

And while a sordid love affair or two are not against the law, perjury and fraud most certainly are. If she is convicted, she could be jailed, fined, and possibly even have her citizenship revoked.

So, getting to stay in Congress is the least of her worries at this point.