Ukrainian Official Promises ‘Bloody Massacre’ if Russia Invades

Kachor Valentyna /
Kachor Valentyna /

Oleksiy Reznikov, the Ukrainian defense minister spoke with CNN where he promised a ‘bloody massacre’ should Russia invade Ukraine as the Russians have shown provocation to do. With the previous actions taken by Russia, a full-scale invasion is not beyond the realm of possibilities, but not a desirable goal for any.

“If I can advise President Biden, I would like him to articulate to Mr. Putin that no red lines from the Kremlin side should be here. The red line is here in Ukraine and the civilized world will react without hesitation…The idea of not provoking Russia will not work.” Reznikov knows what will happen to all sides if this battle were to occur, and there is no need for it to occur in the first place.

With the U.S. estimating 175,000 Russian troops on stand-by for an invasion, the Ukrainian people would have quite a fight on their hands, but Reznikov does not want people to underestimate them but acknowledges they would need some assistance. “So, we have 250,000 official … members of our army. Plus, I said 400,000 veterans and 200,000 reservists. 175,000 (is) not enough to go to Ukraine… We don’t need troops, because I think it’s not so fair that American soldiers will die in Ukraine.”

With the public admittance of needing equipment but shunning the idea of American troop involvement, Reznikov is showing the American people that his people are willing to fight for their freedom; unlike the last two countries America helped. The Ukrainians have long been allied with the U.S., and they have solid relationships with many of our allies. By pledging the most self-reliance possible, Ukraine is displaying great courage that is far beyond what many would expect when faced with an enemy like Russia.

While the Kremlin is vehemently denying any plans for an invasion, they allege that North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) support for Ukraine is posing a threat to Russia. On the whole, this truly seems like posturing from Russia to support the idea that Ukraine does not belong as a member of NATO or the European Union. They want to force them to stay outside of these organizations and stay under consistent threat.

Unfortunately for Russia, the U.S. cannot stand by while an ally is threatened. The downfall here is that should a conflict with Russia happen, it has a very strong potential to provoke other countries to launch attacks, thus launching us into massive global war. Thankfully, Ukraine is not giving in to the saber-rattling of Russia, and they are staying strong and determined to keep things going as they get into a relationship with NATO and the European Union.

With time being on the side of the Ukrainians, the hope is that this ‘bloody massacre’ can be avoided. There needs to be a way to keep the people safe in Ukraine, and perhaps U.S. intervention without boots on the ground is the best answer. The idea of ‘threatening’ Russia with a world war is laughable at best. They will do what they think is best for their country and their people. Biden will, instead, need to convince Russia that it’s not in their best idea to go to war with us. Not that it’s against our best interests or Ukraine’s, either. They will need to believe that avoiding war is their idea, and we just went along with it. Here’s hoping Biden has it in him.