United Nations Rules Against Israel’s Connection to the Temple Mount

VanderWolf Images / shutterstock.com
VanderWolf Images / shutterstock.com

As the Jewish population in Israel, as well as those who have been scattered around the globe, celebrated the 4th day of Hanukkah, the United Nations approved an anti-Israel resolution on Wednesday. The U.N. vote was 129-11, and it denied the connection Judaism has with the Temple Mount in Jerusalem.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the decision from the U.N. only referred to the holy site with its Muslim name, al-Haram al-Sharif. This action is the culmination of a campaign by the Palestinian Authority which is the governing body leading the way for autonomous Palestinian regions in Israel.

The United Nations vote caused an intense response in Israel. The Temple Mount is the holiest site in the Jewish religion, and there is history on the mountain that goes back thousands of years. In the last twenty years, Palestinians have made many accusations that Israeli authorities have made wrong claims to the Temple Mount. There have been a number of acts of violence by terrorists against Jews near this site. There was a terror attack there committed by a member of Hamas just last month.

Ben Gvir, a member of Israel’s Knesset, called the decision by the U.N. worthless. He declared, “…we do not need any confirmation from anyone to know about the connection between the Temple Mount and the people of Israel.”

There was also a backlash from The Temple Mount Ascension Organization (TMAO). In a public statement, they reacted with disgust at the U.N. decision denying Jewish ties to the Temple Mount. They also described the tens of thousands of Jews who climb the holiest site in Jerusalem to pray each year. And they noted that the actions of their people are much more significant than statements and decisions from the United Nations. The TMAO said the U.N. was “sadly detached from reality.”

Melissa Kronfeld is an expert on the foreign policy of Israel. She is also a frequent visitor to the holy site. Kronfeld had strong words against the U.N. resolution saying that deciding that the Temple Mount was exclusive to the religious practice of Islam was the same as condoning the act of terrorism by Hamas last month. This violent act took the life of a young Israeli man, Eliyahu David Kay, just outside the gates of this holy place.

Kronfeld believes that this recent resolution by the U.N. is in a long line of “malicious, absurd, and historically inept statements geared toward the delegitimization of Israel and the Jewish people.” She said that the United Nations “remains a defunct, derelict, and deranged organized, as malicious, absurd and inept in purpose as the meaningless resolutions it issues against the only democratic nation in the Middle East.”

Rabbi Chaim Ozer Chait described the irony of the resolution adopted by the United Nations. Rabbi Chair leads prayer daily, and he also delivers Torah studies at the Temple Mount. He wrote that the resolution is titled “Jerusalem,” and it disavows Jewish connection to the holy site. The very name, “Jerusalem,” is traced back to the Hebrew Bible.

One of the envoys at the U.N. that represents the United States said to The Jerusalem Post that it is “morally, historically and politically” wrong for the United Nations to support any resolution that denies ties to the Temple Mount to both Jews and Christians.

But Riyard Mansour, the Palestinian Ambassador to the U.N., took great delight in the resolution and declared that it gave hope and support to the Palestinian people.

The Biblical storyline of the nations raging against Israel continues.