United States Draws Outrage from Palestine

President Trump has always been in support of the Israeli government. He has already recognized Jerusalem as the rightful capital of the country and now he is backing Israel and their move to build new Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Israel has long since owned the West Bank. For years the Palestinians have attacked and threatened the Jewish nation and have fought against their even being in the region. But Israel is the rightful owner of the land.

Mike Pompeo said that this is a victory for Benjamin Netanyahu who is the Prime Minister of Israel. Of course the Palestinians and their allies, the Democrats, do not approve of the move.

It was Jimmy Carter who said when Israel captured the West Bank in 1967 it was illegal, and they do not have the right to settle there. But that is an incorrect assumption. The land has long belonged to Israel for thousands of years.

The Democrats and the liberals of the world are so against Israel that they want to see them all destroyed. Even the European Union is against the thought of the West Bank being settled.

Mike Pompeo stated that “The establishment of Israeli civilian settlements is not, per se, inconsistent with international law.” This move by the White House goes against 40 years of protests against Israel moving into the West Bank. President Trump is right in supporting Israel. They have the right to settle in their land.

There has been a new warning for Americans in the region to be cautious as attacks could escalate to their front doors. Netanyahu is right when he says that “the U.S. decision rights a historical wrong. The Democrats have for decades opposed Israel and created laws and policies that severely limited the support that the United States could give their Eastern ally. Now that President Trump has done the right thing it is time to fully support them in their building operations.

The petty Palestinians responded by saying “The United States is neither qualified nor is authorized to negate international legitimacy resolutions and it has no right to give any legitimacy to Israeli settlement.”

The United States has every right to support allies and help them when they need help. The Palestinians would be singing a different song in the loony liberals were in charge. They would all be crying for the Jews’ destruction and removal of them from the Middle East.

Many of the so-called allies of Israel are turning out to be their enemies. Many of the surrounding nations are bellowing their hatred of the idea. They are showing their true hatred and colors for Israel.

Only the United States is doing the right thing by supporting Israel. Mike Pompeo went on to point out that Israel and Palestinian leaders would have to work out their differences to live together. There is so much hatred for Israel in the world that the tiny nation stands alone in a sea of their enemies.

There is no political move behind any of this for Trump. This decision will not win him any popularity contests. This is just about doing the right thing. President Trump has never been afraid to do the right thing. He does it even when it is the most unpopular thing to do.

One lying Palestinian stated, “He can declare that night is day, but it will not change the fact that Israeli settlements are not only illegal under international law, but are also a huge obstacle to peace and to the stability of our region.” His statement does not mean anything. The Palestinian people have never wanted peace.

They only offer it, so they can rearm themselves with rockets to fire at Israeli children. Israel has never provoked their neighbors to attack them. Their neighbors have attacked them countless times hoping to kill all of them off.

If the Palestinians never wanted to lose their land decades ago, they should have never attacked Israel first. Israel has every right to own the land that they captured as a result of a war against their existence.