Update: When Will COVID-19 Peak in the United States?

Life will return to normal in America, but many are wondering at what time will that happen. Thousands of meetings have been canceled and many celebrations have been postponed.

This has affected many people and gives the impression that no hope remains. The nations that were affected first are now showing that there is indeed hope. It is just a matter of when it begins to happen in the United States.

There has been a different reaction by many nations to handle the outbreak and the spread of the virus. Some like Italy have ignored the issue and have done very little to contain it. While others, like South Korea, have aggressively contained people in an attempt to lower their casualties.

The Surgeon General Dr. Jerome Adams stated that “People, we are where Italy was two weeks ago in terms of our numbers. And we have a choice to make as a nation. Do we want to go the direction of South Korea, and really be aggressive and lower our mortality rates or do we want to go the direction of Italy.”

The United States is at a critical point in this pointless attack. The virus has reached just about every community. The rate of the curve that the president is trying to smash is what everyone is trying to keep low. If the curve gets too steep the death rate will go up. But containing the virus by limiting interaction will help keep the curve from going to high.

Adams also mentioned that “When you look at the projections, there’s every chance that we could be Italy, but there’s every hope that we will be South Korea if people actually listen, people actually social distance, people do the basic public health measures that we’ve all been talking about as doctors all along, such as washing your hands, such as covering your cough, and cleaning your surfaces.” There is an end to every situation. The question is how much damage it will do before it leaves.

Normal life is what everyone is hoping for soon. Having to stay indoors and avoid other people will eventually take its toll on people. But that is what has to be done to “flatten the curve.” People will have to do their part and work together to keep things under control.

People love the if-then world. They want to know what could happen if a certain amount of conditions were true. Some believe that the death toll could be over two million more in the United States if nothing is done to keep people from spreading it all around.

One study has shown that “The epidemic is predicted to be broader in the U.S. than in GB (Great Britain) and to peak slightly later. The global impact of COVID-19 has been profound, and the public health threat it represents is the most serious seen in a respiratory virus since the 1918 H1N1 influenza pandemic.”

Many people will be able to survive the attack of the virus if their immune system is healthy. But for those that fight other conditions. They are the ones that are most at risk.

To limit gatherings could mean a life is saved. Things will eventually get back to normal but once a life is lost there is no bringing them back.

Health Experts like Dr. Dena Grayson has noted that “It’s really important that we keep talking about flattening the curve. The whole concept here is that we want to try to limit the spread of infection so that we don’t have this huge surge of patients suddenly rushing to the hospital and overwhelming our hospital system because we only have a limited number of hospital beds, of ICU beds, and of ventilators.”

The spread of the virus will dictate the curve. How much of that curve is pressed down depends on the people of the country. Everyone must do like the president is telling them to do and stay at home and limit their interaction with others.