Uranium Water Contamination Found in Multiple Areas of the United States

Gemenacom / shutterstock.com

The Democratic Party has undoubtedly made of mess of things around the country. Their socialist outlook on life and government leads them to think that terrible conditions are acceptable living conditions for people. The liberal leaders in Michigan failed to address their water problem in Flint, Michigan, which has left people unable to drink the water.

And now it seems that more areas of the country are being told that the drinking water is contaminated and risky to drink. The water table in America seems to be going downhill, and there is noting that Joe Biden or his Democratic Party has mentioned what they can do to combat the problem.

The studies show that uranium has made its way into the water table just enough to make it harmful to drink. The Environmental Protection Agency states three areas of concern scattered around the United States. And these three regions are the Midwest, the West Coast area, and some areas located in the south.

America is supposed to be the most advanced nation on the planet. The country is known for its ability to rise above challenges and solve problems that threaten human life. But every time a Democratic takes the White House, ingenuity and new developments in technology suffer. The liberals over-regulate things and keep people from being able to invent new ways of doing business because they strangle the life and keep people down.

The study performed by the EPA spanned an 11-year period in which levels of uranium were measured. The report also mentioned that Hispanic communities seemed to be exposed more than other nationalities. But the very idea that uranium could be racist is purely a Democratic idea.

Dr. Anne Nigra is an assistant professor of environmental health at Columbia University. She noted that “Previous studies have found associations between chronic uranium exposure and increased risk of hypertension, cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and lung cancer at high levels of exposure. Additional regulatory policies, compliance enforcement, and improved infrastructure are therefore necessary to reduce disparities in CWS metal concentrations and protect communities served by public water systems with elevated metal concentrations.”

The effects of uranium poisoning are severe. Nigra is calling for better methods of purifying the water table in the areas affected by the contamination.

In total, 38,000 areas were tested for uranium and other elements. And as the Daily Mail stated, two-thirds showed contamination levels worth noting as a risk to human life.

There will always be some kind of contamination in the water table. Most of the elements found in the water are at a level that is acceptable and safe for human consumption. But the water in the three regions in question shows signs of elevated levels, which are passing the safety mark.

The report will cause many people to look at what happened in Flint, Michigan. They will want to know what can be done to keep that problem from showing up in other regions. The first thing that needs to be done is to keep the Democrats out of the picture. Their failure to act in Michigan led to the poisoning of people because they did not promptly address the water problem. It would take months and years for anything to remotely be done to assist the people in Flint, Michigan.

America is a land of invention and problem-solving ability. The ability and resources are available to address the problem of rising uranium levels in the water table. The Democrats and Joe Biden need to keep their big noses out of the issue and let the Republicans handle the problem.

The country prospers every time there is a Republican in the White House. Businesses develop new ways of safely enhancing productivity while at the same time protecting the environment. But bad things begin to happen when a Democratic-controlled government gets involved thinking that they have all the answers. Productive answers belong to the private sector, and those people should be allowed to fix the problem by finding new ways to filtrate the water table better.