VIDEO: ABC News Reporter Caught on Live TV with No Pants

ABC contributor and son of the late great well-known actor Christopher Reeve, Will Reeve, was caught in a little predicament on “Good Morning America.”

Being a reporter for one of the most-watched morning shows, the world caught a glimpse of how comfortable even reporters such as Reeve works from home. Everything is business from the waist up, but don’t stand up. No, please, don’t stand up!

Dressed professionally on top is how many people are working from home when they have to go on television. Someone should have taught Reeve another skill. He needed to be a good cameraman while live-streaming his interview.

Unfortunately, he is not a skilled cameraman, and his oopsie moment showed the world why he should not change his profession. Reeve was a bit too comfortable with the top half of his suit and no pants. The camera just went a little too low.

It reminds us all of that dream or nightmare, which most of us had growing up where we would get dressed and ready for school or work. Upon arriving, we would follow our regular routines, look down, and realize we forgot our pants and standing in our underwear.

One would think this was how Will Reeve felt. The only difference was, it was intentional by him but not the camera, and it wasn’t a dream or nightmare. It sure was hilarious, though!

Social media exploded with the jokes and wisecracks, which made light of the segment. Room Rater posted, “Nice room. Nice shorts. 7/10. @ReeveWill.” Room Rater is an account used on Twitter where they rate everyone’s in-home setups for their offices to work and to go on live television. The rating was seven out of ten.

Moments such as this one, one should always be prepared, but maybe we all have gotten a little too comfortable during the stay at home orders. Everyone is undoubtedly tired of how life has changed for everybody.

When we get tired or bored, we always tend to make light of topics or subjects to brighten the mood. This was a perfect moment for cracking jokes and keeping a straight face had to be the most difficult.

At the beginning of the segment, Reeve felt safe as the editors did a good job of keeping his lower half well hidden. Nothing saved him when the split screen came up before the show cut for a commercial.

Michael Strahan and Amy Robach were on the left side of the screen, and Will Reeve was on the right side with it all hanging out. Well, not like that, but his boxers were showing.

The talk during the split-screen was concerning drones delivering medication to patients from pharmacies. When the screen split, there was no more of that serious stuff. Social media exploded with Reeve’s fashion or maybe lack of, at least, the bottom half.

At least Reeve was a good sport about the situation. It gave everyone a good laugh, and we can be sure, GMA will never let him live it up. What are friends and co-workers for, if not for a little fun?

Reeve reposted and replied to Room Rater’s post by saying, “I have ARRIVED in the most hilariously mortifying way possible.” Yes, he let the world know he was embarrassed.

Another person, Adam Graham, wrote on Twitter, “Hey, put some pants on my guy.” Reeve replied, “They’re shorts, I promise.”

Reeve also added some more jokes about his embarrassing moment by saying, “I will not be getting hired as a camera operator any time soon. Man, the more I look at this, the more thigh I see. Yikes. We’re our own camera operators these days when we broadcast from home.”

At least he did have some kind of covering over him, whether it was shorts or boxers. Another reporter was not so lucky while filming her segment. KCRA 3 News, got an unexpected full shot of Melinda Meza’s husband Mike de Lambert in the shower. At least close the door, people, please!

Meza’s segment dealt with hair salons and how she was waiting to trim her bang. She picked up the scissors and said as she clipped her hair, “So people won’t have to do ‘this’ much longer.” She concluded, “In Stockton, Melinda Meza, KCRA 3 News.”

It is time for people to go back to work when these mishaps happen. This is all China’s fault, not to mention, Democrats and the media.