Video: Angry Doctor Attacks Girls for Not Social Distancing

This pandemic we are living through now seems to have gotten to some people.  Doctors are people too, and they can go off the deep end with what they see and know.  Of course, no one expects a doctor to attack anyone, but this scene from Louisville paints a different picture.  A middle-aged doctor, John Rademaker, physically assaulted three girls because they were standing too close to each other.

Typically, this would not have been an issue, but with the scare placed on the world by the media, social distancing has become the new norm for an indefinite amount of time.  One would think someone standing too close to them would set someone off rather than seeing young girls just hanging out with each other.

The doctor saw the girls standing close to one another, and he charged at them, screaming and knocking one of the girls down.  Rademaker then grabbed the girl by the throat while the other girls were screaming, “Get off of her!”

Naturally, someone had their phone available and filmed the entire scene.  The video went viral, and it proved the physical dispute was about social distancing.

Louisville Metro Police Department charged Dr. Rademaker with three counts of harassment with physical contact and one count of first-degree strangulation and the medical facility where he works placed him on leave.

Police told reporters, “Obviously, we do not advise individuals concerned about social distancing to take matters into their own hands and confront people about it, especially in any physical way.”

And then, there are also two sides to every story.  There was a woman with the doctor who also filmed the whole thing.  One of the girls hits the phone from the lady’s hands to the ground.  Then the lady who accompanied the doctor grabbed the girl who was on the ground and demanding she returns her phone.

The girl’s film picks up from where Rademaker runs in and grabs the 18-year-old around the throat, strangling her while she is on the ground.  Some people did not film anything and had the decency to pull the doctor off of the girl.  If this had not been done, the situation could have been manslaughter or murder.

A representative from Southern Indiana Anesthesia Consultants spoke about Dr. Rademaker, saying he is one of the physicians who work there and confirmed Rademaker is now on administrative leave.

Baptist Health also had a profile page for the doctor, and sources claimed that the page has disappeared.  Although it is not confirmed, it seems as though he may have lost his position with them as well as an anesthesiologist.

One of the witnesses, Chris Shinn, told reporters, “For someone to lay their hands on a child, I don’t care who you are or what they did.  We don’t need this here, and it’s ridiculous.

Witnesses were available to give their statements for another incident in Louisville as well.  There were nine girls total breaking the law of social distancing.  They were all gathered at a lakefront amphitheater.  So they broke the stay at home order as well, but it leaves no reason for the people to act out in the manner in which they did.

A couple who was walking nearby charged the small group while yelling obscenities at them.  This incident was filmed too, as one of the girls said on camera, “We’re leaving, let’s please not cuss at each other.”  The man in the video could be seen cussing again at the girls and pushed two of the teens out of the way.

These are some of the stories we hear where people take the law into their own hands.  Since all of this mess started with the pandemic, everyone now has a six-foot invisible bubble where no one can come close.  The news and the stay at home orders have gotten to people as we all start to see the trend of restlessness.

It is perfectly normal to feel on edge when people do not follow the rules.  Petty stuff has become a major deal when it comes to people’s health.  It is hard to understand what would set a person off in these situations.

But let’s be adults here and not school children when dealing with people who can’t follow the rules.  Could all this have been avoided?  Yes.  Remember, the doctor and his companion broke the rules of social distancing too!  It is not six feet away when strangling or shoving someone!