Video Game Industry Gets Dragged into the Abortion Argument

Gorodenkoff /

It seems every industry has had a view on abortion. Some have kept to themselves while others have shouted their views from the rooftops. It’s not really an industry’s right to have an opinion. It’s between a woman and God.

The video game industry is focused on churning out games of every kind as a way to keep the masses entertained. They don’t want to be political. They just want to create fun characters that are fighting their way through a zombie apocalypse or stealing the latest car on the streets of LA for the purposes of a joy ride.

That’s not good enough for the liberals, though. They’re like a kid who just keeps picking at a scab until it starts to bleed.

The Washington Post is complaining because the video game industry hasn’t spoken out about its views on abortion. They want to see the video game companies support abortion.

Why do they have to support or condemn it? Why can’t they just remain neutral so that they don’t kill their business?

Well, it all started with Bungie, a video game studio responsible for “Destiny 2.” They published a statement that supported reproductive rights. They went as far as saying that it was a “blow to freedom in America.”

A few other studios and indie developers decided that they didn’t want to be outdone by Bungie and released a few brief statements of their own to say that they are in favor of women having reproductive rights.

Some employees at bigger studios and gaming companies told The Washington Post that they would happily participate in a week-long strike where they would protest the possible overturning of Roe v. Wade – assuming that their companies would support such a protest.

Most of the gaming industry didn’t want to provide such permission. It would be seen as taking a side. They stayed silent, choosing not to release any statements or provide any funding to one side or another.

The Washington Post didn’t like this silence. So, they brought the fight to the gaming industry by contacting 20 major video game companies. There was the desire to know if they were going to be issuing a statement or providing employees with aid so that they could travel to get abortions if they lived in areas where there are current bans.

Out of the 20 companies contacted, only two chose to provide a response.

Microsoft proved that they have skin in the game by responding, “Microsoft will continue to do everything we can under the law to protect our employees’ rights and support employees and their enrolled dependents in accessing critical health care — which already includes services like abortion and gender-affirming care — regardless of where they live across the U.S.”

The only other gaming company to respond was Activision Blizzard.

It’s not that gaming industries really care about the issue or getting involved in a political issue. They are avoiding the issue because, as The Washington Post explains, “Gamers have a tendency to bristle at issues pertaining to women both in-game and out.”

There have been countless examples where an online discussion turns into arguments over corporate culture within gaming companies and the sexism that is still very much present.

The gaming industry has been a boys’ culture for so long, so, really, who are they to talk about women’s rights?

They tried to stay out of it, but the liberal media didn’t want them to stay silent. They wanted to know how they would provide support, such as what happened during the Black Lives Movement.

Apparently, the liberals want to see something done to provide support – either money or changes within the game so that people can express their support using their player avatars.

It’s yet another way that the liberals ruin everything. We can’t even use video games to escape from politics – they’re coming for that, too.