Violence, the Transgender Agenda go Hand in Hand in New Twix Comercial

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What’s the only thing better than a kid in a Halloween costume, hopped up on sugar? A kid in a Halloween costume hopped up on sugar and threatening your safety, of course. Thankfully, we didn’t have to suffer through another season without that delightful mental image, thanks to a commercial from the Twix company.

In this case, the ad from Twix featured a little boy dressed up as a princess and his nanny, who was a very “goth” looking woman that looked like a quintessential witch. The boy is questioned several times about why he is dressed like a girl, and the only answer he gives is that “it makes me feel good,” and the witch always stands up for him.

While at the park, the pair are spoken rudely to by an older boy in a superhero cape, and the “witch” conjures up a burst of wind that violently yanks the older boy out of frame, seeming to indicate that she blew him away, so hard in fact, that his cape came off. While the devil’s advocate might argue that she didn’t mean any harm, we don’t know what happened offscreen after the boy was yanked away, etc. The violence is solidified when the nanny tells the boy in a princess dress, “we should go,” and they begin to hurry away.

The strong implication is that if you question why a boy might be at the park in a princess dress, or say anything that a person who is cross-dressing doesn’t like, you’re guilty of a crime that warrants physical violence. The clear and unwarranted escalation is a troubling element to the acceptable response of potentially hurting the feelings of a person in a protected class.

As The Daily Wire points out, there is no mention of the Twix candy bar, show a Twix bar, or even trick or treating. Only at one time is Halloween mentioned, and it’s when some girls from the neighborhood say that it’s not Halloween yet, before being scared away by the witch of a nanny. It appears to be purely made for the purpose of indoctrination, and the LGBT advocates are eating it up.

The response from conservatives and right-of-center politics was somewhat less positive. The media and companies that promote these values want people to think that this is normal. They are a prude if they don’t go along with it. Yet, there is still a serious contingent. Possibly even more than half the nation does NOT agree with the radical LGBT agenda, and for the bigger part, when given a chance, they’ll stand up and say something about it.

Best-selling author and Ohio Senate candidate J.D. Vance retweeted the video, saying, “These people ruin everything,” while American Greatness editor Chris Buskisk said, “They want your children and they will stop at nothing to get them,” and conservative pundit and blogger Samuel Sey went for the jugular when he said that the ad supports not one but two kinds of child abuse.

However, Southern Baptist pastor and professor Denny Burk probably put it most succinctly when he tweeted, “So the message is this. 1. Lie to children about how God made them. 2. Anyone who opposes this lie is by definition a villain. 3. It’s funny to destroy the people who oppose the lies. I don’t do boycotts, but this one is actually making me reconsider.”

Americans would be naive to think that, without a course correction, we’re not headed to actually physical punishments for hurting the feelings of someone in a protected class, like transgenderism. But, truly, that’s probably not going to be the worst of it. The worst of it will be the fear and trembling that will lead to unfettered access to so many impressionable children whose lives will be ruined if they’re recruited into these kinds of lifestyles by any means necessary.