Voter Fraud Surfaces in Georgia as Liberals Continue to Look the Other Way

The liberals refuse to believe that there was voter fraud to land Biden into the White House. They had no trouble believing that voter fraud existed when Trump won the presidency. And, they had no trouble believing that more Americans than ever before came out to vote for an old, white male – the very opposite of what liberals said they wanted in a presidency.

In Georgia, there’s a very good chance that voter fraud took place – and liberals don’t want to even look into the possibility.

In DeKalb, Georgia, there are missing or incomplete ballot transfer forms for over 40,000 absentee ballots that were cast in the county.

The Georgia Star News found that there were issues with these forms for the 2020 election. They were all cast via a dropbox in DeKalb.

The State Election Board passed an emergency rule that required counties across the state to fill out ballot transfer forms. Essentially, it maintained a chain of custody so that every batch of absentee ballots picked up at drop boxes were carefully followed.

When the chain of custody documents are missing or incomplete, it means that there could have been tampering, additional ballots could have been added, and more. Essentially, there’s the potential for voter fraud since the documents were not filled out properly, if at all.

The rule is pretty clear as to what the ballot collection team needs to do. Those responsible for picking up the absentee ballots “shall complete and sign a ballot transfer form upon removing the ballots from the dropbox.” This includes identifying the date and time of doing this, the location they’re picking up from, and the number of ballots in their custody.

That’s not where their obligations end, however. The ballots are then to be immediately transferred to the county registrar so that they can be processed and stored in the same way in which absentee ballots returned by mail are handled.

Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

The rules don’t get any clearer. The people are supposed to be filling out the forms to ensure that there aren’t hours (or days) in between pickup and drop off. The number of ballots picked up should match the number of ballots being dropped off.

Without the ballot transfer forms, there’s no telling what happened – and that’s cause for concern. What’s more cause for concern is that the liberals don’t care.

Trump called voter fraud from the beginning and everyone wanted to treat him as if he was being a sore loser. They prevented him from conducting an investigation. They shoved Biden into office and moved on.

There are countless displays of voter fraud surfacing across the country. The rules aren’t being followed. It’s a problem – and it’s a bipartisan problem since fraud can take place for any party.

People should be able to vote knowing that their vote is being counted – not wondering if there are nefarious forces behind the ultimate outcome.

Many of the ballot transfer forms completed in DeKalb County show that the ballots weren’t surrendered to the county registrar until the next day. That time of transfer is concerning.

This matters. Biden narrowly defeated Trump in Georgia – and only be about 12,000 votes across the country. Something as simple as ballot tampering by not filling out these ballot transfer forms could have easily taken place.

There’s no sign of fraud…yet. There is proof that the system being used in Georgia is broken, however. In the words of Trump, “What are Kemp and Raffensperger going to do about it? Or will they sweep it under the table like they have done everything else trying to claim they had an honest election with everybody laughing as they speak?”