VP Harris Uses a Gas Guzzling SUV and Then Private Jet to Get to a Climate Crises Event…

NumenaStudios / Shutterstock.com
NumenaStudios / Shutterstock.com

If we’ve learned anything from the current crop of Democrats in Washington, it’s that even though they make the rules, none of those really apply to them… And no, I’m not just talking about people like liberal California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has banned in-person classes for nearly a year now, all while sending his own little darlings to daily and maskless in-person instruction.

The problem goes far above that. And you don’t get much higher than the likes of Democratic Vice President Kamala Harris.

As you well know, Harris has made it her goal in recent years to take on the so-called ‘climate change crisis.” According to her and her elite friends, the world is on a downward spiral thanks to the continued and mass use of fossil fuels like gasoline, jet fuel, and even cows farting in the Midwest.

And as such, she has made a point to engage in the problem whenever and wherever she can. As Mother Jones says, the issue just might end up “defining” her entire vice presidency.

Take a recent climate change event held at Lake Mead in the western state of Nevada this past week, for example.

Lake Mead, in recent years, has begun to drop its waters levels quite significantly, and as such, has been the starting point for many environmental and natural disaster discussions. And, of course, this would be no different.

According to KTNV-TV, at the event, Harris would discuss President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better plan and how it could help save the planet. Naturally, she pointed out the state’s seemingly endless drought and the less than full lake behind her as reason enough as to why climate change ideas and Biden’s environmental initiatives should be implemented.

Of course, the irony is that in order to attend the meeting in person, you know, in a time when a video chat or call would just as easily suffice, she used not one but two gas-guzzling, fossil fuel burning machines.

First, as you can see from her very own Twitter account, she arrived at the airport in one of those black, formidable as can be government SUVs…a Chevy Suburban, to be exact. If you are familiar with anything about this vehicle model, you’ll know that it takes a massive amount of gasoline to get from one point to the other, even in the newest editions. I’m talking like 13-15 miles to the gallon, maybe 17, if you’re driving highway the whole time, and if you’re lucky.

But after being photographed in her blatant hypocrisy, she pranced right up to Air Force Two, another massive gas-slurping transportation option, to get to Nevada. Of course, she was likely picked up at the airport in the western state and driven to Lake Mead in yet another high gas mileage vehicle.

And that was only half of her trip. Naturally, she would have had to reverse the whole process to get back home.

But mark her words, she cares about the environment and is determined to do away with all gas-powered cars in America by 2035, according to the Sacramento Bee.

She’s off to a great start, wouldn’t you say?

This is also the same woman who, during her tenure as California’s attorney general, launched an investigation into the infamous ExxonMobil for supposedly misleading consumers into believing that fossil fuels weren’t all that dangerous to the environment.

But when it comes to her own transportation and conveniences, none of that matters. She is, after all, one of the big people now. You know, the kind of big person that merits the invitation to former President Barack Obama’s maskless birthday bash that lasted for days, all while the little people serving food and drinks had to mask up.

Yeah, that’s the kind of hypocrisy that rules our nation’s seat of government. And you can bet your life savings on the fact that this won’t be the last time we see it of Kamala, Biden, or any of their ilk.