Wall Going up and Biden Is Falling Down

Joe Biden sat in his office on day one and systematically made decisions that would create a volatile situation in many places. When he erased the safeguards that Donald Trump had put into place to protect the border, the illegals began to swarm, and now there is an unsafe situation brewing. Biden has failed to think through his decision, and now the people are suffering because of his ignorance.

His big decision to stop the wall construction was the message to the illegals to stop flooding northward once again. The border wall was designed to enhance security and protect American citizens. But since Biden is pro-illegal, he wanted to open the border for all of them to flow right on in. Biden would have loved to be able to pluck up every part that was built so the border could return to a state of dangerous operation.

The sad little old man promised his liberal supporters that he would not ever build another foot of the wall. He stated that the border would stay open so people could illegally flow across into the country. He has no intentions of stopping the flow. He hates America and wants to see it overrun by people that want to exploit it for all they can.

The drug lords and the human smugglers love that the border wall is no longer being constructed because they do not have to build their tunnels or find new ways to get their contraband over the border. The crisis that he has created gives his Democrats the distraction they need to keep pushing their socialist views on people.

The president’s lack of care and concern for the border has led to state leaders taking up the fight. Greg Abbott is the governor of Texas, and that state has the most significant section of the border to contend with. Abbott has accused the president of failing at his duty. He has had to step up and do the job that the federal government should be regulating.

Several border states are suing Biden and his administration for the lousy way they are handling the border issues. Twenty governors have demanded that Biden stop bring illegals into the country and dumping them in cities far from the border.

The flood of humanity that keeps pouring over the border only seeks to enter the country so they can milk a life off of the hard-working taxpayers. They want their free healthcare and education; they want to exist without paying taxes, and they want to abuse their neighbors by claiming they are the victims.

The pressure on law enforcement to keep up with the neglect from the White House is enormous. They have to operate in an environment that is not favorable to them. And they have to do a job without the funding or resources they had to work with under Donald Trump.

Biden and his ignorant vice president have done absolutely nothing to solve the issue, so other organizations step up and take the matter into their own hands. One report noted that it had been confirmed that the “U.S. Army Corps of Engineers that construction on a 13.4 mile stretch of border wall in the Rio Grande Valley will *RESUME* after pressure from local residents & politicians. The Biden admin previously halted all wall construction in Jan.”

Biden is losing control of the country as local entities take matters into their own hands to protect people and to stop the criminals from flooding into the country. Residents that live near the border have demanded that the wall be finished. Several politicians have also backed the request so much that small parts of it are going to be finished. The holes that Biden left will be plugged, and there is nothing that he can do about it.

Donald Trump had the right approach by making Mexico do its part. International standards dictate that people are to request asylum in the very first country they come to. But Mexico is let the people flow right on through to the north because they do not care enough to handle the problem unless they are forced to help out.