Want To Be a Member of the Cool Kids Club? Be a Republican Governor

zkolra / shutterstock.com

If you live in one of their states you already know this, but being a Republican governor is one of the best ways to be a part of the cool kids club. They understand the idea of freedom and let their people embrace all of it at once. By putting the needs and wants of their people first, these governors have a high probability of being reelected, and the people in their states are among some of the happiest.

Now, a series of polls by Morning Consult support these theories. Released on Thursday, these polls list the top 11 governors are all Republicans. This isn’t a coincidence at all either. When you listen to the wants and needs of your people, they want to keep you in office. They want to be behind your decisions, and they will be because they believe in them. It’s weird to think that politicians are finally starting to get it, and naturally conservatives are the first ones.

Leading the approval cool kids are Gov. Charlie Baker of Massachusetts with a whopping 74% approval rating. Vermont Gov. Phil Scott (74%) and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (71%) rounded out the top three. These three have handled the situations from COVID, the economy, and giving people what they want the best.  Their dedication to doing what is right by their citizens is showing, and it has resulted in their ability to keep citizens in their states, and an overall healthy economy.

Democrats are on a whole other level. Their top person Gov. Andy Beshear of Kentucky drew in a whopping 59% approval rating. Gov. John Carney of Delaware (58%), and Gov. Jared Pollis (57%) of Colorado rounded out the top three Democrats. The interesting bit about these three is their conservative policies and procedures. Hardline liberals like Oregon Gov. Kay Ivey is the least popular with a low 41% approval rating.

These polls are proof of the truth that conservatives have known for ages; if you are on the right side of history your people will be behind you. The conservatives are the people responsible for keeping our economy going. They are responsible for developing innovations, and for nurturing innovation. The liberals are just pushing for more government programs, and more handouts while the conservatives are all about getting people back on their own feet to be self-sufficient.

By giving people the tools to be successful, you are ultimately earning your way into the cool kids club and empowering them to be successful on their own. This isn’t something that membership is freely given out to be in. It must be earned, and these governors are doing what they need to do. Two Republicans who have failed to take care of their people had less than 50% approval ratings.

Gov. Doug Ducey of Arizona and Gov. Tate Reeves of Mississippi both scored under a 50% approval rating, but that’s not all they have in common. They see what they have done to the state, and they want to move on with their careers. While it will certainly end up involving politics to a degree, the fact that they can see the writing on the wall is a brilliant thing.

Gov. Ducey sees what a mess the border has become for Arizona, and he knows it’s time for him to step down. The overreach by President Biden is too much for him to bear, and unlike Texas, if he rolls out the National Guard in full force, liberals will be calling for his head.

Gov. Reeves has been fighting an uphill battle since he took office. Mississippi is a state plagued by racism, big political swings in their desires, and a large gap in dying industries. By walking away he is giving them a chance to find the leadership that can lead them back into prosperity.

If only every state could have leaders who knew when it was time to walk away…