Watch a Biden Supporter Hit a Police Officer With a Bat After Knocking Him Down

Protests broke out all over the country as news of the Breonna Taylor decision in Louisville spread far and wide. The citizens of Seattle took to the streets within hours of hearing about the story. Seattle police officers were attacked by the rioters and some very ugly scenes broke out as a result.

One officer took the brunt of the crowd’s abuse. A series of projectiles were thrown at the officer but that was not enough for the angry crowd. Once he was down, he was also struck with a baseball bat. These attacks took place within hours of the shootings in Louisville. Two officers were struck by gunfire, as riots broke out in the wake of the Taylor decision.

Seattle Collegian reporter Alexa Villatoro originally caught the attack on camera. Once the attack started to go viral, she clearly thought better of it. Maybe she was worried about making the rioters look bad? They do a pretty good job of this all on their own. The KittyLists Twitter account was not about to let the video vanish into the online ether, either.

“For all those missing the baseball bat to the head tweet that the commie deleted, here it is #Seattleprotests,” read their response. They wanted to make sure that people were able to see exactly what was going on in Seattle. The mainstream media does not like to show videos like these. Their audience does not like to be reminded of their own juvenile behavior.

The footage is harrowing. An officer is shown falling off their bike, as protesters pelt them with various objects. We are not sure if the rioters made him fall off the bike or not. As if this is not bad enough, they continue to attack the fallen officer while he is on the ground. Militants are taunting him and throwing traffic cones at him, which is truly uncalled for.

The officer barely even has the chance to get their bearings before a masked militant knocks the crap out of him with a baseball bat. We are unsure if the attacker has been arrested but we will let you know when we have more information. The condition of the officer who was attacked is also unknown at the moment.

The Portland protests were also filled with carnage. zerosum24 provided a very chilling tweet. Rioters in the city of Portland were found to have tossed Molotov cocktails at local officers. It may have been a different type of explosive, we are not exactly sure. These anarchists are causing all sorts of issues that are not being addressed and we have had enough.

American citizens deserve better than this. We can’t wait to check out the news today. The mainstream media is already getting their excuses ready. They can never just condemn the protesters. There always has to be a caveat of some king. Heaven forbid these outlets simply report the news. The world would probably spin off its axis if such a thing ever happened.

The deception that takes place during times like these is off the charts. News outlets lose all sense of propriety and fall into the trap of believing that they need to pander to their more liberal viewers. Half of the country remains neglected by these tactics but that does not stop them. If anyone even thinks of bringing it up, they are shouted down before they even have a chance to speak.

These protests may have been declared “mostly peaceful” by heavily biased sources but what about the protests that are not? Should they be ignored because they do not fit the tidy little narrative that the media has come up with? The answer to the latter question seems to be a resounding yes. Officers are in mortal danger in our American streets and a shocking number of people are willing to stand by, allowing it to happen. Our country, tis of thee, indeed.