Watch: Biden Says He’s Going to Beat Joe Biden in 2020 Election

ormer Vice President Joe Biden has become famous in recent months for his many gaffes or mistakes. No one else in American history, and certainly not in such a high-profile position, has ever been noted to say so many incoherent or just plain ridiculous things. In fact, the ability to do so at nearly every opportunity has even earned him the title of “Gaffe King.”

However, his most recent one may not really be what it appears.

As the presumed Democratic nominee has taken to being holed up in his Delaware basement, hiding from the world but needing to let his party know that he still exists, Biden recently appeared on a segment of CNBC’s Squawk Box to talk about his candidacy and the possibility of winning the White House.

Co-host Joe Kernen asked Biden how he would go about uniting the fragmented Democratic party, as some who once followed more leftist candidates like Bernie Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts have diverged much farther to the left than Biden had initially said he would go.

He asked the former VP, “Are you prepared now to say you’re going to govern as a progressive and enact programs in the mold of Sanders and Warren, and if so, what does that say to either moderate Democrats or independents or even some Republicans dissatisfied with President Trump?”

Biden answered that he was going to beat himself.

He said, “I’m prepared to say that I have a record of over 40 years. And that I’m going to beat Joe Biden. Look at my record. The fact is that some areas that I think, for example, I think health care is a right, not a privilege. I do not support ‘Medicare for fall.’ I will not support ‘Medicare for all.’ But I do support making sure that Obamacare is around as a public option.”

First, we have to note that he points out his long-standing record in politics. This would seem to imply that he will be standing by the policies of his past. And, in fact, his mention of support for Obamacare but not for ‘Medicare for All’ would be proof of that.

But his comment about beating himself seems to contradict that, at least if we are to take it as anything other than yet another blunder.

Now, I’m not saying that it isn’t, after all, the man is prone to them in his current state of dementia. However, I would almost argue this could very well be a Freudian slip of sorts.

The question posed to him was whether or not he would be making more progressive moves to seemingly placate the left half of the party. But if he does that, would he forget about the other more moderate side?

His answer and his comment about beating himself, seem to imply that he will forget much more than that. In fact, in catering to the left as he must to win their vote, he must entirely forget about even himself and what he stands for by becoming more of a leftist.

He is essentially admitting that he will not be the Joe Biden of the past and will be changing to fit the mold that the left seems to want.

So much for a steadfast and consistent record…

And his further explanation seems to support this. He tells Kernen, “I do not support a, you know, forgiving debt loans for every single solitary person no matter where you went to school. But I do support the idea, if, in fact, you have student debt as a consequence of going to a public university and your income is under $125,000, it should be forgiven.”

Biden is clearly taking a much more leftist approach than he would before, but it’s not to unite the party. It’s to get the much-needed votes of the left. And his recent flip-flops on criminal justice reform, legalizing marijuana, and climate change only prove this further.

If he is to win, he will have to beat the old Biden by doing what leftist politicians do best: lying to the world about what he stands for. His “record” – nearly 50 years long – is being thrown to the wayside; honesty and integrity be damned. With an election underway and a party that isn’t sure they want to keep him in the running for president, he has to make some changes.

Biden will do whatever it is that will earn him the most votes. And at the moment, that means trading his long-held ideals, even if they are racist, for new ones.

And so, gaffe or not, the Joe Biden of today will beat the Joe Biden of yesterday… But not Trump!