Watch: Jill Biden Saves Joe from Lunging Vegans – It’s Hilarious!

Former Vice President Joe Biden took the lead over the remaining candidates in the Democratic primary after the voting ended on Super Tuesday.  As he took the stage to claim his victory in Los Angeles, California, a protester also took the stage and went to attack the lost and confused candidate.

The vegan protester hopped on stage with a sign which read, “Let Dairy Die.”  After many witnessed the incident, the only conclusion we can come to is Biden doesn’t need any bodyguards, he just needs his wife, Jill Biden.

As the enraged protester ran toward Biden, Jill grabbed Joe’s hand and threw herself in between protecting her husband.  The altercation lasted about ten seconds when another vegan protester stormed on the stage.

Jill almost became a football player when she grabbed the second lady by the wrist and blocked her from going further with a stiff arm.  TOUCHDOWN!!

Jill continued to push back while Joe’s sister and family watched in horror and disbelief.  Then Joe Biden’s senior advisor joined in on the action and tackled the lady in a waist lock, and the other staff members joined in on the fun.  Together they all wrestled the protesters off the stage and carried them away.

When it was all said and done, Jill told everyone, “We’re okay, we’re okay.”  The pictures and videos all went viral, as it was described as an action-packed scene from out of a movie.

It turned out to be the most famous moments discussed on Super Tuesday as everyone forgot about Bernie Sanders within minutes.  They pretty much forgot about Joe Biden also as his wife took the spotlight!  Does Joe remember where he is?

Jill tweeted with pictures of the altercation and said, “What a night!”  Whether we like Joe or not, which we don’t, it was a “fearless” act on Jill’s part protecting her husband.  One person said in reply, “I don’t care what you think about Joe Biden.  Jill Biden is a badass.”

Symone Sanders acknowledged how much it took out of the staff to pull the protesters off the stage.  She tweeted, “I broke a nail.”  The same activist also interrupted rallies for Sanders and Warren on their campaign trails.

So many people chimed in with their jokes and other funny thoughts of the night.  Josh Billinson, a social media strategist for BuzzFeed News, posted, “Did not have ‘Jill Biden trucks a vegan’ on my Super Tuesday Bingo card.”

Patrick T. Fallon, a freelance photojournalist, based in Los Angeles, was the person who took the pictures as he stood only a few feet away from the Bidens.  He was on assignment working for Bloomberg Politics when he snapped the photos after the second protester rushed on the stage.  Fallon tweeted, “This is probably going to be my most tweeted photo of 2020.”

One of the funniest posts came from Jonathan Chait, a New York magazine writer.  He tweeted, “Moves her feet, extends her arms, keeps balanced and stays between rusher and Joe. Should have been a left tackle.”

Of course, we don’t wish anyone injured or worse, but the situation was hilarious since no one was hurt.  People who didn’t find it so funny had posted Joe needs to be given Secret Service protection as he is this far into the game.

Biden doesn’t need the Secret Service or a bodyguard, he needs his right tackle guard, Jill!  If he had a football, he could have made a touchdown!

MSNBC’s Robert Gibbs stated, “Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden need Secret Service protection.  Such security should come in the next 24 to 48 hours.  What happened tonight was nothing short of genuinely scary.”

There are serious people like Gibbs, and there are those who take things lightly like Ricky Davila who said in reply, “Who needs secret service detail when you have a group of powerful women?”

It was also noted, this was not the first time an incident like this happened.  Jill Biden fought off another protester last month when a heckler went after Joe Biden around the New Hampshire primary.  Jill shot up out of her seat and blocked the heckler before they reached the former Vice President.

The person was escorted out of the building when Jill was questioned about what happened, she laughed it off. She replied she was from Philidelphia and raised tough.  Jill stated, “I’m a good Philly girl!”  Being it was the second time this happened, that’s all Forgetful Joe needs!