Watch Kamala Harris Laugh at Parents Struggling With Biden’s Continued School Closings (Video)

Harris loves to assert her dominance over the poor and this was a huge part of why she was chosen as Biden’s vice president. Just when his moderate voters began to worry that he might lean a bit too far left, he bought in a former attorney general to pretend that he cares about the rule of law.

Neither of these two care about such things. All they want is power and lots of it. When she visited the West Haven Child Development Center in West Haven, Connecticut over the weekend, people were expecting to hear good news. This would have been a nice time to offer up a happy message.

That’s not what this administration does. Instead, they look to rub salt in people’s wounds and make them feel lesser. People like Kamala and Joe can never know what it is like for parents with children that they cannot afford to leave with a sitter. This is beyond their realm of comprehension.

When Harris was pushed on the topic of school closings, she seems to take on a more evil form than usual. Honestly, we would not have been surprised if she had stuck to her normal condescension. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw the video for ourselves. This woman was actually cackling at the despair of these parents.

To make matters worse, she even broke out some bizarre accent that we were not even able to place. To be fair, the mainstream media decides on a new race for her every few weeks. It is entirely possible that even she has forgotten what she is supposed to be at this point. She may have tried to fuse her Asian accent with her Jamaican one to come up with this.

All joking to the side, it is sad to see real concerns being treated in such a cavalier manner. These parents have been stuck inside with their little ones on a daily basis and even the children are starting to wonder if schools will ever be open again. If there’s one bright side to be found here, it’s the fact that children will be sure to appreciate being able to go to school once they are open again.

You know the old saying: absence always makes the heart grow fonder. Democrat policies and awful teachers’ unions have combined to create a terrible year for these children but not to worry! Kamala Harris is here to laugh off your problems and act like there is nothing to see here whatsoever. The level of disconnect that is taking place here is off the charts.

The most ironic part of all? This talk was supposed to have been given as part of the “Help Is Here” tour that Biden has planned with the help of his handlers. Of course, she is the one who is going to be doing all of the legwork but we knew that already. It’s just like the Barack Obama apology tour that we all knew and loved but there is just one key difference this time around….no apologies are ever going to be offered.

Once you have watched these remarks for yourself, you are going to be shaking your head right along with us. While a second apology tour might have been preferred, Biden and Harris are making one thing very clear to everyone who is watching them right now. They do not feel as if there is anything to apologize for. The pandemic is on the downslope now but no one can breathe easy because they want us to remain afraid.