Watch This Unhinged Teacher Attack 13-Year-Old Over Trump Support

Leftist teachers are an absolute plague on humanity and it only gets worse and worse with each passing day. These teachers do not care about inserting themselves in students’ business. The lessons that they impart have nothing with their curriculum. That does not stop them from putting their jobs on the line, though.

Job security be darned, the teachers are going to make their students into Marxist rebels. The 13-year-old student in this story was treated to a 10-minute harangue about why they need to despise the current president. The leftists have an obsessive need to remind people how much they want to be rid of Trump.

Instead of voting and carrying on with their lives, they’d rather subject people to speeches that they didn’t ask for. The teacher may have thought that they would get away with this but there are certain things that we cannot account for. What this teacher did not know was that the student was recording the entire thing.

Once it was posted online, the rest took care of itself. Even people who consider themselves moderates were appalled by what they were hearing. A student was being told why their political opinions were wrong. A 10-minute speech filled with hate and venom was unloaded onto this poor child for no reason at all.

By now, this student has definitely heard any and all rhetoric about Trump’s racism and policy failure. If they are still supporting Trump after all that they have heard over the past four years, there’s a good chance that no speech from a well-meaning teacher is going to sway them. Although it is hard to give this teacher that benefit of the doubt in this instance if we’re being honest.

This leftist teacher is famous now but they probably regret the route that they took to get there. Bringing your political bias into the classroom like this is shameful. If the 8th grader had not thought to record the incident, none of this would have ever come to light. This is not the first incident like this to take place, either.

Teachers have been taking it upon themselves to “educate” their students on the topics that are not in the current social studies books. The school district is standing behind this teacher, which is only going to embolden them to continue behaving like liberal college professors who already have tenure.

This is the sort of story that should make Americans from all walks of life wonder how long we have before there’s no escape. Children should be able to learn without being given political critiques they didn’t ask for. After all, aren’t children stressed out enough right now? That’s what the liberals told everyone when they sent their children back to school. Online learning is tough enough as is without teachers going off about this and that.

They forgot all of their speeches about the importance of mental health once someone was willing to say the same stuff that they do….just louder. This isn’t shocking to anyone who has been paying attention for the past few years. This is how the liberals operate. Even if the incident in question goes against their supposed values, they flip on a dime.

As long as Trump is involved, they are ready to throw any principles that they may have out of the window. Once you realize that they are ready to forget about their own personal guiding values at the drop of a hat, dealing with their tirades gets easier. This 8th grader got so used to it, he pulled out his phone and started recording.

This is how accustomed the children of conservatives are getting at playing the liberals against themselves. If a teacher had bullied a Biden voting student, the headlines would have read much differently. That’s one of the only guarantees that we can give you in this crazy climate.