We Never Thought We Agree! Boston’s Democratic Mayor Calls out Vaccine Passports for What They Are – Unconstitutional

Boston Mayor Kim Janey is a Democrat that has had enough of the nonsense from her party. We never thought that we would see the day. This party is finally turning against itself. NYC Mayor de Blasio’s fascist vaccine mandate has not won him many new friends.

You know a policy is bad when even a Democrat is unable to go along with it. De Blasio thought that he would make this rule and everyone would stand up and clap. That is the exact opposite of what has happened here. She compared the directives from the NYC mayor to the Jim Crow era and slavery.

That’s exactly what is happening here. It’s modern day segregation and it is happening right before our very eyes. For those who are unfamiliar, New York City is now going to be requiring people to show proof of vaccination to enter various indoor establishments. Restaurants, entertainment venues and gyms are being targeted.

Psaki and Biden are standing with the embattled mayor on this one, to the surprise of absolutely no one. NYC residents, prepare to show your papers at every turn. This doesn’t seem like it is going to backfire at all. Right now, fake vaccine cards are being sold on the black market on a consistent basis. Who is going to be responsible for vetting them?

Just imagine the poor restaurant hosts who are now going to be tasked with figuring out whose card is real and whose card is fake. It won’t be long before we are seeing viral videos of all the confrontations that break out as a direct result of this mandate. De Blasio does not think of these things because its all about virtue signaling for him.

At least there is one Democrat who is not willing to take the bait on this one. A good politician does not allow themselves to be swept up in narratives, they make decisions that are best for the collective. That’s what makes this statement from Janey such a powerful one. Janey is far from being anti-vaccine, too.

She wants people to get their shots but she does not believe that the New York City mayor is taking a very responsible approach. This is hard to debate against. “We want to make sure that we are giving every opportunity for folks to get vaccinated. When it comes to what businesses may choose to do, we know that those types of things are difficult to enforce when it comes to vaccine,” said Janey in an interview with WCVB.

“There’s a long history in this country of people needing to show their papers,” Janey continued. “During slavery, post-slavery, as recent as you know what immigrant population has to go through here. We heard Trump with the birth certificate nonsense. Here we want to make sure that we are not doing anything that would further create a barrier for residents of Boston or disproportionally impact BIPOC [black, indigenous and people of color] communities.”

“Instead, you want to lean in heavily with partnering with community organizations, making sure that everyone has access to the lifesaving vaccine. As it relates to people who want to encourage their workforce to get vaccinated. We certainly support that,” she concluded. These are wise words but they are going to fall on deaf ears for the most part. She’s not speaking out of turn and she is trying her best to come up with a sustainable plan.

That’s all we can do right now. It’s time to stop pointing fingers and the fear-mongering needs to be taking a backseat as well. When we demonize our fellow Americans, all this does is feed into the divisions that have kept us apart for too long. The same Democrats who pretend to care about the black community will not do anything to help them out when it comes to the vaccines (and the associated mandates).