We Thought They Were Joking! Pentagon Defends Ridiculous Flight Suits for Pregnant Soldiers (Video)

There’s a new program that is focused on military flight suits for women. That all sounds well and good until you realize something: Biden was not talking about typical flight suits at all. He wants to create specialized suits for the women who fly military planes so that they can still do so when they are pregnant.

None other than Command Senior Enlisted Leader of United States Space Command Scott H. Stalker took direct aim at Carlson. He probably never saw that coming. Remember when the Trump administration was accused of sitting around and watching too much television? Now that Biden’s most important military personnel are getting into it with cable television hosts, they should probably apologize for those hot takes.

“Pregnant women are going to fight our wars. It’s a mockery of the U.S. military,” Carlson said. We are not finding much fault with that statement. The truth hurts and we are sure that people feel embarrassed but facts are facts. It’s too much to endure right now, as we are trying to get this country back to something resembling normalcy.

As you would have expected, Carlson was not about to let the opportunity pass him by. He was ready to send return shots and the military probably wishes that they had never engaged. He does not think that he needs to offer up an apology and we must admit that we agree. The silly announcement deserves all of the mockery it got and then some.

Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluding themselves, big time. Carlson has a right to express his opinion in the same manner as any other American and there is no denying that. There are actual threats against the United States and that’s what he was getting at with his rebuttal. How can anyone feel safe when the president is more worried about putting pregnant women in specialized flight suits?

It’s like something out of a very bad movie, except we are being forced to live through it on an everyday basis. That’s why we are siding with Carlson on this one. We are grateful that there are still brave Americans who are willing to call out the BS as soon as they see it. If not for people like Carlson, we wonder who would even be left.

Joe Biden can’t even remember the name of the Pentagon but now the brass is dueling with Carlson. This is all such a bad look for the new administration and we cannot get over how silly they are making themselves look. You’ll definitely want to watch the whole Carlson video. It serves as a major wake-up call for all those who think that this country is in a good place at the moment.

It’s clear as day to see what is going on. Biden is going to spend the next few years virtue signaling to anyone and everyone who will listen. This is the life that we will be leading until Harris inevitably has her chance to take over. Once Biden manages to fall asleep during a State of the Union address, they will have no choice but to make the shit as soon as possible.

If they are going to be rattled every time Carlson has something to say, they are going to be in for a long four years. These are people who are paid to discuss what is going on in the word. We have a word to the wise: stop doing silly stuff if you don’t want to get made fun of on television.