WH Press Secretary Jen Psaki Under Fire for Conflict of Interest


As she gets ready to depart the White House for an analyst role at MSNBC, Press Secretary Jen Psaki gets the opportunity to experience accusations of inappropriate activity herself. This perspective is not one she is used to. She may have spent the better part of the last two years defending President Biden from attacks but being on the receiving end makes it very different for her.

Protect the Public’s Trust is a group of former public servants who take the integrity and honesty of our politicians very seriously. This group released a letter that wasn’t too surprising for anyone who has paid attention to her very press interaction. “Concerns about conflicts of interest when seeking new employment are not new, and the federal government has strict laws and regulations governing how employees conduct themselves. Under federal law, it is a criminal offense punishable by five years in prison to willfully participate in any ‘particular matter’ in which an organization an employee is negotiating or has an arrangement regarding future employment has a financial interest.”

Given Psaki’s playing of favorites among the press pool, her rude comments towards anyone she deems is conservative, and her lovingly almost mother-like interactions with liberals, she has been setting the table to leave office since she was first introduced. These kinds of inappropriate interactions and her personal vendetta against anyone who isn’t tripping over themselves to sing Biden’s praises have raised some eyebrows.

Especially when she starts making appearances on things like Pod Save America only to use that platform to attack the character of Fox News’ Pete Doocy, by claiming that he sounds like “a stupid son of a bitch.” Her favoritism shows big time, and she doesn’t care who knows it. She almost seems to revel in the idea of people knowing just how crooked she is.

These comments are something else the watch group took issue with while writing their letter. “Ms. Psaki’s statements regarding Fox News appear to be a misuse of her official position that calls for further investigation. Fox News is a direct competitor of MSNBC and CNN, two companies with whom Ms. Psaki is or has been reportedly negotiating for future employment. Accordingly, Ms. Psaki’s statements regarding Fox News may be regarded as the use of her official positions for the private gain of Fox News’ competitors, such as MSNBC, with whom she is affiliated in her nongovernmental capacity.”

Just thinking about job hunting while doing your current job is disturbing enough, but manipulating the facts, the question, and answer, and the overall demeanor of your being as a human just to join a mediocre mainstream news network is pathetic. Psaki seems to think that they’ll respect her opinion and help her succeed. The fact of the matter is that MSNBC won’t help her succeed at all.

They see a pretty face with an inner knowledge of the Biden administration. Once she is milked dry for the information over various interviews, she’ll be used for 5-panel ‘guest expert’ chats, and otherwise relegated to possibly doing some online print journalism. Her inability to see this kind of writing on the wall is one of the most disappointing parts of this story.

Sure, it’s fun to watch her trip over her words and backpedal when she gets caught lying. It’s even a good time to see her struggle in finding the truth when reporters flip her statements on her. So, for her to walk away from this just to be used up and shelved in 6 months is just sad.