What America Really Thinks! “F**K Joe Biden” Chants Spreading Across the Country (Video)

The videos that you are about to see contain some very harsh language. We are simply giving our less acid-tongued readers a chance to avoid them. For most of us, they are music to the ears. Finally, people are waking up and smelling the coffee when it comes to good old Sleepy Joe.

The movement is on and people are saying what we never thought that they would. They have had enough of Biden’s nonsense, as profane chants have started to ring out all around the country. As most already know, college football is back in full effect. It was nice to see full stadiums for the first time in two years.

What could possibly be better than this? Friday night’s game at Lane Stadium provided a truly heartwarming scene. The Virginia Tech crowd was clearly happy to be there and there was barely even any elbow room in the student section. We loved watching them jump around to “Enter Sandman”, that is for sure.

We ignored all of the dumb comments on social media from all of the downers too. They do not want anyone to have fun and it shows. The close up video that you are about to see is too funny, though. These fans are beyond happy to be back together and we are loving it.

The Trump supporters who were on hand for this special occasion were more than happy to share their true feelings about Joe Biden. The “F— Joe Biden!” chant that broke out is hard to mistake. We wonder how Joe’s staffers portrayed that outburst to him. “Oh no, Joe, that’s not what they were saying at all. They just so happen to really like ducks!”

The movement has spread even further. It’s not only happening at football games, it is happening at various other locations. You may have seen the video from a bar in Alabama, where patrons were chanting away. The same thing also happened during a concert that was taking place in Lubbock, Texas.

These people have seen enough and more importantly, they have had enough. Biden’s reign of terror has gone about as poorly as possible. All of the liberals who thought that it would be better because he is not Trump are learning the hard way that this is not going to be the case. Put them on truth serum and they would probably tell you the same.

For example, take this one clip from one of the most liberal cities on the map: Austin, Texas. These people are also turning against him and we would be willing to bet that Democrat voter turnout would be through the roof in these locations. If these folks are done with the Biden administration, you can imagine how everyone else feels.

It’s the rare story where we do not even have all that much to add. On one hand, we would love to wag our fingers and said that we told you so. On the other, it’s not like we are really getting all that much out of that at this point. The country is circling the drain, no matter what side you are on.

Joe has never had a following like this before. He’s usually on the wrong side of things, whether he realizes it or not. The funniest part of all is that he campaigned on the idea of being the great uniter. The best way that he could handle this task is by irritating everyone to the point where they finally came together.

Whether you are on the left or right, Biden has worked everyone’s final nerves. The chants speak volumes, as everyone has officially lost the ability to keep going along with his insanity. The plan was always a simple one: they wanted to hustle Biden in there as fast as possible and then they would give things over to Harris. It doesn’t seem too likely now, does it?