What Is Going on? Chrissy Teigen Wants to Convince Adults and Teenagers to Kill Themselves

Chrissy Teigen may have made a name for herself by being a Trump hater (as well as by being married to someone who is actually talented) but now she’s going to be known for something else entirely. She was trying to emulate the pseudo-celebrity strategy of crossing over in the world of cooking. Thanks to her own stupidity (and her terrible explanations for that stupidity), this future is now in jeopardy.

Target has already distanced themselves from the embattled social media poster (that is her main occupation, near as we can tell). The cookware line “Cravings” is now being removed from stores. Teigen used to have a penchant for telling teenage girls to kill themselves. We are not sure why she didn’t think this was going to catch up with her.

The Sun reports:

“Teigen’s Cravings kitchenware line has been removed from Target’s website following Courtney Stodden’s claims she was “bullied” by the star, The Sun can reveal.

Earlier this week, Courtney said she was urged by Chrissy to “kill themselves” at just 16-years-old in addition to her publicly posting a series of hateful messages aimed towards the then-minor.

As the backlash rages on, the social media personality’s culinary empire is now in the line of fire as thousands of fans have vowed to “stop shopping” with the companies altogether if they continued selling Cravings by Chrissy.

It appears Target listened to their customers and has reconsidered their business with Chrissy, 35, as the entire Cravings collection has been scrubbed from their website.

Upon looking up Cravings or Chrissy’s name specifically, the site states it “couldn’t find a match” for any relevant searches.

In addition, the link for the Cravings line is no longer active and redirects to the main webpage.”

This is hilarious when you stop to consider the statements that she has made in the past. This is the same woman who was so worried about Trump, she needed to pop anti-depressants just to stay sane. The left-wing media gave her pass after pass because she was just too woke to criticize!

The nonsense stops here. She is far more toxic than anyone she criticizes and anyone who saw her non-apology on Twitter knew what was coming. “Everything about Chrissy Teigen’s record on social media indicates mental derangement but telling a 16-year-old girl that you fantasize about her being dead? That takes the cake. Why does @Target sponsor this trash?” asked Candace Owens.

It was a good question and Target decided that they were going to sever all ties with her. In addition to privately messaging Courtney Stodden, a child sex abuse victim, and telling her to kill herself, there’s more. She’s also got tweets encouraging Lindsey Lohan to slit her wrists.

Sarah Palin was not immune, either. There’s a tweet from Teigen encouraging her to shoot herself in the face. Mind you, she cannot claim to be young and dumb for these tweets. They were sent when she was in her late twenties! How can any of her brain dead followers continue to support this?

If a celebrity who is affiliated with the right wing had been revealed to be a total piece of garbage like this, the reaction would have been different. Teigen is pushing 40 and still behaving like a sadistic teen. The fact that she does all of this while living a life of absolute luxury is what truly sends us over the edge.

In her terrible apology, she pinned the whole Stodden episode on “trolling”. She also claimed that she was seeking attention. Typically, attention seeking, trolling behaviors are done in the public eye. We are not sure what attention she received for privately messaging a child and telling them to kill themselves. John Legend should be the next one to distance himself from this absolute train wreck but he seems content to go along with her immense stupidity.