What Is Wrong With Biden? Biden Starts Screaming During Nonsensical Speech (Video)

When the Asian Hate Crimes Bill was signed into law, Joe Biden was on hand to offer up some remarks. As you would have expected, this is a major adventure every time it happens. This administration keeps trotting him out, though. It’s like they enjoy humiliating him at this point.

Kamala Harris was on hand for the event, as she had to play bodyguard for Sleepy Joe. The event was aired on the White House’s YouTube channel as well. The viewership for this event was beyond low. Can you believe that they were only able to get 799 people to watch this nonsense?

Joe’s dementia must really be getting the best of him because now he’s apparently going to start yelling during his speeches. It’s a pretty funny address if you are anything like us and not a fan of this mockery of an administration. He’s even slamming his hand on the podium as he barks out insanity to the audience.

“Every time we’re silent, every time we let hate flourish, we make a lie of who we are as a nation,” he claims. This is not the mentality that the nation seems to have about most hate crimes but that’s alright. Joe Biden needs to be able to do some grandstanding for the benefit of his 799 viewers.

Biden slips further and further away from sanity with each passing day. We have gotten to a point where we are wondering when Harris is going to have to step in. She’s clearly licking her chops and waiting for the moment. What happens when Biden manages to hurt himself?

That’s all we were waiting for when he slammed his hand down on the podium. One of these days, he is going to manage to make a real fool of himself. Harris needs to step in and take over before he manages to make a mistake that goes viral beyond their wildest nightmares.

We’re just surprised Biden hasn’t lost it and started yelling at individual people again yet. We all remember how angry he was getting on the campaign trail. If the pandemic hadn’t arrived and essentially functioned as a means of bailing him out for public speeches, there would have been no shortage of funny clips.

We all remember how hilarious it was when he had his freak out at the Detroit auto plant. The pandemic cost us many more of these, we are sure. Now, the Democrats are going to be facing a whole new problem. They have passed this bill to protect Asian-Americans but there are still a number of other groups who are not being protected.

These are the same Democrats who were posing in their kente cloth and making sure to do “we see you and we hear you” cosplay. Where is the bill that would keep the African-American community protected? This is a fair question and it is one that is never going to be answered by Sleepy Joe or any of his cohorts.

All they care about is winning the day on social media. News about the bill is going to be passed around by all of the woke scolds, with all sorts of condescending captions. It’s a movie that we have seen thousands of times before. This is all they know how to do and our readers know it as well as we do.

This is all a part of their ongoing mission to force Americans to get on board with the new program. You either get woke or you get left behind. Despite the fact that there is still so much to be done when it comes to the hate crimes that take place in this country, this administration has decided that this problem is more important. Worst of all, the only reason this bill is passing is that there was a shooting that involved a white man. If he wasn’t white, this bill never passes….simple as that!