What Kamala’s Body Language Says About Her Responses…

Sheila Fitzgerald / shutterstock.com

It’s a proven fact that communication is about far more than just the words that come out of our mouths. In addition, one must also consider the tone in which it is said, its timeliness, as well as any and all body language that accompanies it.

By paying attention to these more subtle details, one can usually quite easily distinguish between a lie and the truth, how confident one is in their statements, and even a multitude of other character or personality traits.

This tactic is what makes playing poker so easy for some while making it nearly impossible for others. It’s what those like former United States Army Interrogator and body language expert Gregory Hartley use in their line of work.

And recently, Hartley used those trade secrets to discern a few things about both our vice president Kamala Harris and the Biden administration altogether.

Hartley recently sat down with Newsmax host Grant Stinchfield to discuss what some of Harris’s recent responses really mean and what it indicates about where our country is headed.

In this case, the media used was an interview Harris did with NBC’s Craig Melvin on the “Today” show.

If you missed the interview, as I expect a good many of you did, based on the usual bias of that mainstream media outlet, let me fill you in on the details a bit.

What was discussed mostly between Harris and Melvin was the recently shot-down voting rights legislation the Democrats have been overly eager to push through. On the subject, Melvin asked Harris, “Why has the administration not been able to get Senate Democrats on board?”

You’d think the answer to this would possibly be some excuse as to the party couldn’t get those like Joe Manchin or Kyrsten Sinema to join them or some rubbish about even though the Republicans are in the minority, their white supremacist ways were spreading throughout the nation.

Instead, she doesn’t even really answer the question at all, which is the first sign that something might not be right.

She quite simply states, “We are not giving up. ”

Melvin, naturally, isn’t exactly satisfied with her response and so asks, “Why has it taken this long?”

Again, Harris’s only claim is that “We don’t give up, and we will not give up.”

Hartley explains that while her words might seem confident and rather defiant, both the fact that she is saying them and her mannerism accompanying her words tell a quite different story. According to his years on the job and studying human behavior, the “automatic redirect” is highly indicative of being both rather shocked at the question, as well as unprepared.

In addition, he notes that her facial expressions also say a lot. “You will see her face start to hold her forehead up to ask for approval, and you see her blink rate increase, which indicates fight or flight.” He also points out that she first compresses her lips and then purses them.

The first is a classic sign of someone holding something back, even if it’s uncertainty. The second usually means “to condemn,” as if they are challenging anyone to even think about the opposite of what they said.

Basically, it’s all a cover for the uncertainty and fear that Harris is apparently feeling. And as Hartley says, he’s seen this behavior quite often in Kamala Harris. As he says, “It’s classic Kamala Harris.”

However, when asked by Stinchfield about whether this means it’s all an act for Harris, Hartley admits that it might not be. He says, instead, it could mean that, as I said before, she is genuinely “surprised he asked her that question” and, as such, is unprepared for it. It could also be a “tough question” for her.

When Harris is later asked her possible bid for the White House with Biden in 2024, Hartley notices a few more things, namely that she is rather stressed and, again, uncertain. He says this can be seen by the fact that she avoids eye contact with Melvin and that she “stammers” in her response.

Rather than being confident that she will be Biden’s running mate, she loses her normal cadence, hesitates and fumbles, and again, her blink rate increases. She’s trying to put on a good show of confidence. But Hartley can see the opposite going on in her just below the surface.

And that means that the odds for both the Dems voting rights bill and Harris as our continued VP are slim to none in reality.