What the World Really Thinks About Joe Biden! Tony Blair Calls Biden “Imbecile” Over Disastrous Afghanistan Withdrawal

Joe Biden has already shown that he is totally incompetent. Now that he has shown his true colors, the rest of the world is left to pick up the pieces. Germany and England are looking to others for help now and Biden should be ashamed that he has pushed things to this point.

That’s a joke, of course. Biden is not the type to feel any type of shame. Vladimir Putin is being summoned by our foreign allies because they view as their best chance to put a stop to the insanity that is taking place in Afghanistan. That’s how far Biden has fallen in the estimations of our nation’s allies.

They are essentially giving up on Sleepy Joe entirely. Even Italy and France have made similar overtures because they are tired of the status quo. Afghanistan’s humanitarian issues cannot be ignored. The western world now knows what we have known for a very long time now. Biden can’t be trusted.

The chaos that he has created in Afghanistan is too much for anyone to endure. The Financial Times has more about this recent turn of events:

“Britain will this week turn to China and Russia to try to stop Afghanistan sliding further into chaos, after recriminations between London and Washington over US President Joe Biden’s withdrawal of American troops.

UK prime minister Boris Johnson’s government is also working closely with France — with whom relations are strained after Brexit — to try to engineer a UN response to the crisis in Afghanistan…

Downing Street has denied any rift between Johnson and Biden, but the British prime minister’s foreign policy — heavily dependent on the US — has been shaken by the crisis and has forced London to court other capitals.

Johnson, anxious to show that the UK is still relevant as a “convening power” when he chairs a virtual summit of the G7 on Tuesday, tweeted that the group of wealthy nations would co-ordinate efforts “to ensure safe evacuations, prevent a humanitarian crisis and support the Afghan people”.

Think about it this way: Biden has been so bad at the helm, he is forcing his own allies to reconsider their entire relationship with him. As a result, America is made to look weak. Mind you, the Democrats were the same ones who cared deeply about how Trump made America look. It was all about making sure that our country looked great to the outside world.

Now, all of that has gone out of the window because Biden needs to have his backside covered. We want to hear from all of the people who claimed that Trump was in Russia’s pocket now. They are getting awfully quiet. These trolls wanted to rile everyone up and act like Trump was a Russian asset.

Where are they now that Biden needs his hand held? Our foreign allies deserve better than a president who leaves them high and dry over and over again. They have already learned that they cannot depend on him in any type of a crisis scenario.

The far left has helped to create this monster and they should be the ones who are willing to help slay it. Instead, they are going to pretend that this withdrawal was a good idea. Biden’s hamfisted attempts to restore order in a region where he does not know what is going on. This never would have happened if Trump was still at the helm. We all know this.

We are sure that the leftists would agree if they were asked to speak honestly and openly. For now, they know that there is a certain line that they have to toe. Otherwise, their fellow leftists might speak ill of them publicly. No one can have that! All jokes aside, we wish that Trump had been reinstated this month, as planned. Maybe if he was in office, the Taliban would be thinking twice about the crap that they are pulling.