What’s Wrong With the Asian Hate Narrative for the Georgia Massage Salon Shootings? The Evidence!

The Asian hate crime narrative that has sprung up around the massage salon shootings in Georgia has gotten rather out of hand. There are certain facts that are being shared as if they are supporting that narrative but it does not make much sense from where we are sitting.

Cherokee County sheriff’s investigators have been looking into the tragedy. The shooter has told them that he is a sex addict and that he was merely looking to remove the temptation from his life. He had visited two of the spas that he attacked in the past.

CNN says that he was kicked out of his parent’s home because he was unable to stop looking at pornographic materials. A former roommate spoke with The New York Times, letting them know that he had struggled with his addiction during their time living together.

His sex addiction spiraled out of control, to the point where he was asking his roommates to hold him accountable. The shooter asked them to take away his computer and he also wanted to have porn blocking software installed. These stories all seem to paint a pretty scary picture of a man who had a serious problem.

The hate crime narrative will not die, though. It does not matter what facts are presented. The media is still running with this idea and they do not care if any other information comes to light. “[I]t is clear evidence that this is a hate crime, but what we are concerned about is whether local law enforcement will indeed prosecute this as a hate crime,” said California Congresswoman Judy Chu.

Chu sat down with Meet The Press and discussed the tragedy. This was not all that she had to say about what took place in Atlanta and we are alarmed by her words. “That’s why we are calling upon the Department of Justice to ensure that there are the resources necessary to provide the evidence to declare it a hate crime. And that includes interviewing witnesses in their own languages, looking at the media to see whether they are, for instance, reading the evidence in the Korean media, which apparently has some statements of that sort, and whether they are looking at the shooter’s social media and history.”

The words “necessary evidence” strike us as very odd. It’s almost like she wants a hate crime to have taken place here and that is very sad. She is probably looking to drum up donations for her next campaign. Chu may also be looking to try and push a new law through.

As for the FBI, they are currently dismissing any narrative about a hate crime at the moment. “[W]hile the motive remains still under investigation at the moment, it does not appear that the motive was racially motivated,” FBI Director Christopher Wray said to NPR during an interview on March 18th. “But I really would defer to the state and local investigation on that for now.”

This shooting reminds us of the shooting that took place at an Orlando nightclub known as Pulse a few years back. The mainstream media decided that it was a hate crime and that was what everyone was told going forward. Anyone who dared to question it was shouted down. Once prosecutors began to investigate, they soon realized the sad truth. The shooter was motivated by Islamic terrorism and the club was chosen completely at random. In fact, it was chosen because of the more relaxed security.

The spa killings have caused a great deal of pain and horror. We are not here to diminish that in any way. This is not something that should have happened. The family of the shooter should have been working more diligently to get him the help that he needed. It was all so avoidable. Now that there is an agenda on the line, we are never going to know the real truth of what took place here.