When Even Al Sharpton is Disgusted, You Know There’s a Problem…

a katz / shutterstock.com

If you know anything about Reverend Al Sharpton, it’s likely that he’s about as leftward leaning as they come on most issues. I mean, this is a guy who believes in reparations, who believes in critical race theory, and who thinks Black Lives Matter is actually doing good in our country.

And yet, according to a recent discussion he had with MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough, even he’s sick of the leftists in Washington.

This revelation became known on Monday, as he appeared with Scarborough to talk about the current political atmosphere in America. To everyone’s surprise, it became a good ole bashing of the political “woke” left.

For Scarborough, who was once a Republican congressman from Florida, his main problem with the current situation is the liberal left is no longer in tune, nor do they support those who got them their seats of power.

He started right off that bat with an insult to Democrats, saying, “Let me say it slowly for my Democratic friends in Washington, D.C.”

He continued, “Black voters are more conservatives than you are, white woke leaders in Washington D.C.” Scarborough continued in the manner, including both Hispanics and Asian-Americans as being “more conservative” than those in DC.

And it’s not just on one or two issues. As he explained, these racial groups are more conservative on education, crimes, race, gender, etc. Basically, just about any “woke” issue out there, even the now Democrat-friendly Scarborough can see that most Americans are not on the same page as Washington.

Therefore, the issues that matter most to Americans are being ignored.

Now, to be certain, as a former GOP member, rocking the usual MSNBC audience boat isn’t all that out of the norm for Scarborough. After all, at least someone on their staff needs to show a little political diversity.

But for Reverend Sharpton, the same cannot usually be said, which is why it might have surprised a number of people when he admitted that the Democrats in power were at fault.

If things don’t change, Sharpton says the party will continue to lose “people of color.”

Why? As he explained it, white woke leaders in DC want to act like they are for the black and brown communities. And so, they parade around talking about race and equality and now “equity.” But they really “don’t get the people of color’s life.”

Take the rising crime issue, for instance. White members of the “woke” crowd were some of the loudest to push the “defund the police” plan, claiming that law enforcement was disproportionately cruel to minorities. And yet, it is those very same communities that are now hurting the most due to the lack of police and law enforcement.

Similarly, leftist elites claim we need to do away with gas and start relying on greener energies. But as Sharpton says, those “Beltway elitists, the limousine liberals here in New York, don’t live in the real world.”

“Blacks have to and browns have to deal with the real world.”

And that means crippling gas prices that don’t allow those of us in the real world to get gas just to get to work. That means inflation which is making it nearly impossible to put food on the table and keep a roof over our heads.

What about border issues that have turned our southern communities into places where illegal criminals prey on the vulnerable? What about American veterans who have served this country for decades and are now awarded nothing but a street curb for their sacrifice?

These are real situations in the real world that white woke elites in Washington have no understanding of, and yet they want to somehow dictate to us how they should be dealt with.

And when even those as liberal and radical as Al Sharpton can see it and are disgusted, there’s a major problem.

If this is any indication of what the November midterms will hold for Democrats, they should be running scared. They say a red wave is already on the horizon for the two-year mark of the Biden presidency. But with discussions like this going on, I’d say it will be a tsunami.

No, it doesn’t mean that those like Donald Trump are going suddenly become popular with Democrats. However, it does mean that the left’s dream of holding all the power will be savagely ripped from their hands, at least until they realize that America isn’t nearly as liberal as they think.