Where Are Biden’s Executive Orders When It Comes To the Mental Health of Children?

President Biden frivolously signs executive orders that help illegal aliens and those that are in need of “racial equity.” It seems as though he has no problem spending the money of the federal government when he sees the need.

As for any executive orders that could help the mental health of children, it appears that his pen is dry.

Since day one of Biden’s administration, pediatricians and children’s hospitals have been calling on him to make the emotional, mental, and behavioral health of children a priority.

After all, the mental health of children has been particularly impacted during the COVID-19 pandemic. Children are outside of school. They’re isolated from their friends, and they may even be struggling with proper nutrition.

There’s an escalating crisis, yet Biden chooses to do nothing.

So, the Children’s Hospital Association (CHA) along with the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) have decided to get louder. They’ve launched an awareness campaign to help the administration understand how children and youth are being underserved.

Essentially, funds are needed to increase the number of health programs offered through the Department of Health and Human Services.

Kids are struggling. They’re depressed. Some are even suicidal.

With so many schools closed and pushing virtual classrooms, kids aren’t getting the school-based services that they have always relied on.

The children’s groups are asking Congress to offer funding in new ways to support children on local and state levels, including telehealth and crisis training for school personnel.

As Amy Knight, the president of CHA has said, “Children’s hospitals’ emergency rooms have been inundated” because kids are in severe crisis. Families don’t feel as though they have anywhere else to turn. If children and families can’t access critical mental health services now, what then?

There’s been a 20 percent increase in suicide attempts over the summer and a 40 percent increase in disruptive behavioral disorders – and these are being seen in children’s hospitals all over the country.

The AAP advocates for close to 67,000 primary care physicians. They’ve called on the Biden administration to push for a return to in-school learning as it is vital to the well-being of students.

Guidance has been released to identify the importance of schools in the overall development of a child’s education as well as their social, physical, and emotional health.

So, the AAP is focused on getting schools opened again. Meanwhile, the CHA is pushing for more funding to address the mental health crisis of children.

If the mental health of children meant anything to President Biden, he’d pick up a pen and establish a few executive orders. He could have all schools opened by next week if he wanted to. He could also provide the funding for the programs needed to support children.

Plenty has been done since Biden has gotten into office, though none of it is for the children. Even the stimulus package that the Democrats are working on has forgotten the children.

With nearly $2 trillion being tossed around, none of it has been earmarked to help the future of our country. Yet Biden sits there and promises that he cares.

Caring is shown by action, not by words.

The Biden administration has said that their goal is to open “most” schools by the 100th day. However, there’s a lot of inconsistent messaging. Will that be 5 days a week? Will that include elementary, middle, and high school students?

It appears that press secretary Jen Psaki is under the impression that it will be a minimum of one day a week.

One day in the classroom is hardly enough time to address the mental and emotional issues of children who are struggling.

When more kids than ever are taking their lives because they can’t bear to be isolated any further, Biden simply isn’t working fast enough or hard enough to provide sufficient help.