White House Press Secretary Tells All: Obama Alums Left Hate Notes For Trump

It’s not uncommon to leave encouraging notes behind when you leave a job so that the incoming person feels motivated and excited to be in the role. However, “You will fail” is not the encouraging words that Trump and some of his cabinet were hoping to find upon arrival.

According to Stephanie Grisham, White House Press Secretary, Donald Trump, and his aides found a number of hateful notes left behind by staffers of Pres. Barack Obama.

“You aren’t going to make it” and “You will fail” notes were found throughout the White House.

Grisham, who first started as Press Secretary for First Lady Melania Trump, spoke to WHKT-AM. She said that when they entered the White House, every office was filled with Obama books. They found various notes left behind that were anything but encouraging. Then, in the press office, a large note was taped to the door reading, “You will fail.”

Various alumni from the Obama administration accused Gershom of lying. This included Obama’s former ambassador to the United Nations, Susan Rice.

It’s easy to see why the Obama administration officials would deny such accusations. They are pretty harsh but goes in line with everything that the Democrats are. None of them wanted to see Donald Trump, and most were convinced that Hillary Clinton would be president.

David Martosko of The Daily Mail reported that he spoke with a variety of former officials of the Trump administration who were present on day one. They all confirm the claims that Stephanie Grisham made.

One former Trump aid explained to Martosko that the place was a mess during the first week. Meeting notes were left in very odd places. One was found within the office of the deputy press secretary while another was inside of a desk drawer. Another one was found on a bathroom mirror. All of the notes focused on how the administration was doomed for failure.

Another former Trump staffers said that they were being trolled from the very beginning. Many of the Trump administration from the early days told Martosko the same thing, identifying where the notes were and what the note said. Everyone’s notes lineup, identifying that it was the Dems that were lying, not Grisham.

Of course, Joanna Rosholm, the former press secretary for First Lady Michelle Obama, decided that she wasn’t going to get dragged down. Instead, she shared the kind letter that she supposedly left behind for Grisham on Twitter. She talked about how she had spent three years in Room 211 in the East Wing and for Grisham to “basque in the honor” of being able to walk into the building every day.

Jim Acosta from CNN reported that Grisham acknowledged Rosholm’s note. She responded to many of the Obama staffers shaking their heads on what she said. She explained that she hadn’t implied that every office had issues. She said that she did have a lovely note left for her in the East Wing and track the woman down to thank her.

She was speaking more specifically about the lower press office. She also said she doesn’t know why “everyone is so sensitive.” She said that everyone saw it as a prank at the time and that it was always something that happened. She said that more people were concerned about where the bathrooms were and how to turn on office lights that they didn’t see it as a big deal.

Now that Grisham has had time to think about it, and probably talk to others about it, it’s probably a bigger deal. Obama and his staffers didn’t complain about finding hate notes from George W Bush’s staff.

George W Bush and his staffers didn’t complain about finding hate notes from Bill Clinton’s staff. The “prank” that the Trump administration thought they were a part of wasn’t hazing that always happens. Instead, it ended up being a very hateful way of welcoming in the next people to occupy the White House.

There seems to be something new about Obama’s staff all the time. Even the Democratic presidential candidates for 2020 have thrown the former president under the bus on more than one occasion. He may not have been quite the nice guy that everyone thought he was, especially if this is the kind of behavior that he tolerated from his administration.

The notes are gone but the story of what Grisham explained they walked into lives on. With Trump being bullied from day one, he’ll make sure that his team doesn’t leave hate notes behind if a Dem is the one to occupy the White House after him.