White House Reporters Are Seeing Right Through Jen Psaki…Every Briefing Is Fully Controlled

Newly appointed White House press secretary Jen Psaki is certainly no Kaleigh McEnany. She lacks the wherewithal to challenge the same journalists who consistently challenge her. Her answers are dry and lackluster and often sway from the questions for which she has no idea of how to answer.

McEnany used an organizer and knew exactly where to reach to intelligently communicate her answers.

Psaki stands at the podium with a dumbfounded look as if hoping an answer will fall from the sky. When it doesn’t, she moves on to the next question that she most likely won’t be able to answer either.

The odd thing here is that Psaki should be way better at her job than she is. This is given the fact of how she’s been meeting with reporters ahead of each briefing to give them a heads up on what’s okay to ask and what’s taboo.

“For heaven’s sake, don’t embarrass me by asking about that or you will not be invited back.”

The White House press staff is concerned and they’re becoming vocal about it. Though not all, the majority of reporters at least make attempts at being unbiased. But it’s becoming increasingly more difficult for them not to be when all they can receive is what Psaki wants them to know.

Or better stated, the only things Psaki knows.

The contention of the journalists is that they are being fed information by an unknowledgeable lower-level communication staffer. Someone who may not even possess the proper clearance to be able to effectively answer their questions.

But those liberal-biased reporters who are in the room are happy little campers. They ask the designated questions, they receive the type of answers they were looking for, and they publish their stories for the benefit of their enamored liberal readers.

Things couldn’t get any simpler.

McEnany thrived on unexpected ambushes. She showed up locked and loaded for every briefing and patiently awaited the right question she knew someone would eventually ask.

And whichever poor reporter made the fatal mistake was immediately made aware of how they had just become her target of the day.

Gulp. She was fun to watch.

It’s unfortunate what Psaki is doing, but it certainly is not an original scheme either. It’s proved itself tried and true time and again. When Sarah Huckabee Sanders was staring all cockeyed into CNN’s cameras, she knew the questions ahead of time.

This gave her ample time to cough up enough horse turds to spit out prior to replying to the questions she pretended to ponder before answering.

Now. Imagine if McEnany had tried to cash in on an easy-peasy scheme like this. Her rosy picture of fragrant wildflowers would have been torn to shreds. A major scandal would have erupted. “We want the truth,” would have been shouted from rooftops.

First Amendment rights would have been claimed to be under attack as media manipulation fell under intense scrutiny. But Psaki, wherever she surfaced from, has not one single tie to the Trump administration so this makes her golden.

It’s all going to backfire in the same manner that these things always do. The White House press staff is going to start craving the real deal, as are their readers, and when they do you’ll be able to smell the stink from wherever you happen to live.

But since Biden only hires the worst of people, it remains uncertain if anyone in his administration is even capable of replacing Psaki. If she’s the best thing he’s got, we’re in serious trouble.