Whitmer, the Lockdown Queen, Gets a Raise from Biden

Gretchen Whitmer, the governor of Michigan, spent the majority of 2020 making residents around the country completely miserable. She kept them in lockdown. Countless businesses closed because of her attempts to shut the entire economy down.

Whitmer was sued countless times because she was abusing her power. At one point, she was told that she passed legislation that was outside of her jurisdiction. So, she had to learn to work with the House and Senate of the state to pass legislation.

Clearly, Whitmer is a control freak. She wanted to run a totalitarian government as opposed to a democracy.

It’s easy to say that people like Whitmer is not who the country needs if we’re supposed to heal.

Rather than letting Whitmer learn her lessons by not getting reelected and being forced out of politics, president-elect Joe Biden has decided to reward her totalitarian ways by giving her a raise.

Biden has chosen her to be the Democratic National Committee (DNC) vice-chair.

The Democratic National Committee is filled with failures of politicians. This includes Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms being nominated to fill the role of vice-chair of civic engagement.

The Democratic Party is definitely not going to be cleaning up the country and helping with the healing process – at least not during the four years that Biden will serve as president. His picks for the DNC (and everywhere else) are proof of that.

“This group of individuals represents the very best of the Democratic Party.” Biden announced this in a press release, and it’s truly terrifying.

Just about anyone who has had to live with Gretchen Whitmer as their governor over the past year would disagree with that statement. Still, if Whitmer is being defined as the “best,” the Democrats are in bigger trouble than we thought.

Biden continues to talk about Whitmer and the rest of his picks for the DNC to identify that the country faces a number of crises, including the COVID pandemic and systemic racism. He believes that “working families” need and deserve leadership. He believes that the leaders he’s chosen are “battle-tested” and capable of getting the job done.

Whitmer made people’s lives miserable as she kept people in lockdown. Even as the rest of the country slowly opened up with caution, she kept businesses shuttered and people in lockdown. Now, she’s rising to higher prominence than ever before.

Apparently, in order to get the attention of Joe Biden, you have to act in the best interest of the Democratic Party instead of the people. You have to show that you’re willing to be egotistical and ignore what’s in the best interest of Americans. Whitmer, Lance Bottoms, and others have shown that they are poor leaders. They allow anything and everything to go as long as the minorities are getting what they want.

Gee, why doesn’t Biden choose a few other Democrats that have shown they’re complete and utter failures, too? Mayor Ted Wheeler of Portland may need to get a raise if he’s being held to the same standards as Whitmer. Biden might as well add Mayor Jenny Durkan of Seattle to the list, too.

Whitmer’s approval rating has barely been at 50% for most of 2020, proving that she’s one of the least popular governors across the country. There aren’t too many ranking lower than her, except for Andrew Cuomo. However, if you ask Cuomo, he’s doing an amazing job.

One thing that Biden has proven is that he’s not doing what’s in the best interest of Americans. He’s siding with the wrong party. Even within the party, he’s siding with the failures. Gretchen Whitmer now has more responsibility. She was given a role within the DNC in addition to her job as governor, which will only make more people miserable.

Biden was supposed to heal the country. Instead, he’s sending it into a tailspin because of countless poor choices.