WHO to Create New UN-Style Super Government…

kcube - kaan baytur / shutterstock.com

The basic idea of the World Health Organization, much like the United Nations, isn’t at all a terrible one. On the contrary, having the nations of the world come together in an effort to maintain peace, prosperity, and, in the case of the WHO, health is at least, in theory, a good idea.

And those groups have proved themselves useful over time on a number of occasions. Wars have been averted through diplomacy, and health crises kept to a minimum by nations coming together to send supplies, food, etc.

However, as you well know, those groups also have a great amount of power and one that could be misused quite easily should they not be kept in check.

And that latter bit about not being kept in check seems to be exactly what the WHO has on their mind next.

According to a recent white paper from the group, they are proposing the creation of a “Global Health Emergency Council” and a “World Health Assembly Committee for Emergencies.”

I know, it doesn’t sound all that bad. After all, after a pandemic like COVID, one could only imagine that a committee or two designed to handle such crises could be beneficial.

The scary part comes when we take a closer look at just what they are proposing.

According to the 31-page document, the “high level” council will work to oversee global medical emergencies like COVID-19, and be composed of a number of international leaders and heads of state. These leaders will be charged with handling “obstacles to equitable and effective (health emergency preparedness, response, and resilience or HEPR)” as well as to “ensure collective, whole-of-government and whole of society action aligned with global health emergency goals, priorities, and policies.”

Did you catch those “whole of governments” and “whole of society” phrases?

Basically, it is saying that this council is in charge of keeping all nations and their citizens under strict health guidance or policies until they deem otherwise. Not exactly what an American people already feeling oppressed by our government’s rules and regulations on COVID are likely to enjoy.

Furthermore, the document fails in any way, shape, or form to detail just how those “goals, priorities, and policies” would be enforced. For example, will these new governing councils set up law enforcement agencies to back them up?

Another thing that might have us worried, or at least it does me, is the consistent use of the word “surveillance.” As I mentioned, the document in its entirety is 31 pages long. The word surveillance is used no less than 48 times.

One such mention of the word states, “COVID-19 has shown that resilience to health emergencies can be strengthened in key areas… This will require the strengthening and, where required, the establishment of whole-of-society, interdisciplinary, multi-partner networks for collaborative surveillance.”

What exactly does that surveillance look like?

Well, again, the document is rather mum on that. I can imagine liberals suggesting sensors and thermometers in every home or some other similarly ridiculous ideas.

Another concerning matter is that these newly proposed councils would also handle the “infodemic of COVID-19 misinformation.”

As you well know, thanks to rampant misinformation on both sides, the American people have found it increasingly hard to trust and faith in either our governments or “public health authorities and science.” And as the WHO says, this has, in turn, created a distrust in a vast number of “public health and social measures” they and other health authorities believe in, such as vaccines.

Naturally, the WHO wants to change this and restore our trust in them. Therefore, it will implement “new techniques for infodemic management” to better control misinformation and its effects on the public.

Once again, the organization doesn’t get into how exactly it will make sure this misinformation is not spread. And again, it leaves plenty of room for us to wonder if controlling the narrative is really the name of the game here.

At this point, it doesn’t really sound all that different than Biden’s supposed Board of Truth… And we all know how that’s going.

The only difference is that this one will be tied to an organization with worldwide power and would be seeking to do this everywhere, supposedly with no one to hold them accountable and no limits to what they can do in the name of “health.”

If that possibility doesn’t terrify you, it should…