Who’s the Terrorist? 4 Domestic Terrorists Accused of Brutal Crimes Including Explosive Charges

Four members of Antifa and Black Lives Matter were recently apprehended. Now that they have been arrested, they are facing an absolute slew of charges. Portland is where this arrest went down because of course it was! The arrests also stemmed from the supposedly peaceful protests. The Oregonian has more about the charges and the events that led up to them:

“A 19-year-old who was arrested and accused of dismantling a card reader and intercom in the driveway of a federal building in Portland late last year had a suspicious bottle inside her backpack that drew a response from the city’s bomb squad, federal authorities say.

The bottle’s label warned: “DO NOT OPEN CONTAINS: U-DIMETHYLHYDRAZINE TRIETHYLALUMINIUM WILL IGNITE IF EXPOSED TO AIR,” next to a hand-drawn colored Hazmat placard, according to a federal complaint.

It wasn’t until days later that authorities learned the purported explosive was a hoax.

Rowan L. McManigal, the 19-year-old who federal agents say was carrying the bottle in a backpack that night, was interviewed days later and admitted the bottle only contained water and was “meant to waste people’s time,” if arrested, Federal Protective Services agent Micah Coring wrote in the complaint.

After seizing McManigal’s backpack Dec. 19, law enforcement consulted with forensic chemists from the ATF, FBI and even NASA scientists before deciding to destroy the bottle “due to the risk of exposing the contents to oxygen and the fear the chemical components may self-ignite given enough time to react with each other.”

On Dec. 22, a bomb technician and ATF agent interviewed McManigal at her home.

During that interview, McManigal said the device only held water and that it was “meant to waste people’s time if they were arrested again for just standing around,” the complaint says.

Also making his first federal court appearance Tuesday was Richard Timothy Hernandez, who’s accused of three counts of destruction of government property.

Hernandez, 56, is accused of throwing 13 objects at the windows of the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse late March 13 into early March 14, just hours after federal officials had removed all fencing, concrete barriers and plywood from outside the building following consecutive nights of vandalism to the courthouse during mass protests.

The cost of replacing the courthouse windows is estimated at $143,513, according to a federal complaint.

Hernandez is also accused of throwing rocks at the ICE building on March 20 and April 1.

A third person, Tracy Lynn Molina, 48, is accused of failing to comply with a lawful order outside the ICE building, disorderly conduct and assault on a federal officer on Sunday.”

McManigal is also facing charges for the destruction of federal property, as he is responsible for the ruining of a key card reader at an ICE building. The Gateway Pundit has gained access to the entirety of his affidavit if you would like to read more. As for Tracy Molina, she keeps getting arrested at these so-called peaceful protests and being let off the hook by Portland’s district attorney (who happens to be an Antifa sympathizer).

Malik Fard Muhammad is the fourth to have been arrested, in a separate incident. From the desk of the DOJ

“Malik Fard Muhammad, 24, has been charged by criminal complaint with possession of unregistered destructive devices, engaging in civil disorder and obstructing law enforcement, and using explosives to commit a federal felony.

According to court documents, Muhammad is alleged to have traveled to Portland with his girlfriend from their home in Indianapolis for the specific purpose of violently engaging in civil disorder during recent area riots. On September 5, 2020, during a large civil disturbance in east Portland, demonstrators threw dangerous objects at police, including commercial-grade fireworks, Molotov cocktails, and bottles. At least one demonstrator was seriously burned by a Molotov cocktail thrown in the direction of police. Muhammad was present at this event and provided baseball bats to members of the crowd.”

The rest of his story is equally enraging. The more we look into these arrests, the angrier we get. These charges are what happens when Biden’s America allows these rotten crooks to run wild! The aforementioned story about Muhammad is just the tip of the iceberg…