Why Kids in Poor Countries Outscore Americans

If you really wanted to destroy a country from within, you couldn’t come up with a better plan than America’s current public education system. American students are lagging further and further behind students in other countries every year.

We have majority-black schools in California that can’t manage to teach a single male student how to read by age 18 – not one! History textbooks have jettisoned the Wright brothers’ invention of air travel for tales of how white male racists have been oppressing everyone else for 400 years (but only in America). 

The solution to our failing schools used to be a one-note tune: More money, please. School administrators insisted that the real reason why they couldn’t educate American kids was that there wasn’t enough money.

Teacher salaries were too low, and they didn’t have enough money to hire more administrators to… administrate… all the teachers. Right?

Now the failing schools across the country are singing a two-note tune to solve the education crisis: More money and more curriculum focusing on how racism ensures that you will be a failure in life.

San Francisco is leading the charge on this new racism-based curriculum, naturally. It’s come to the San Fran school boards attention that having English and history textbooks completely rewritten to focus on how white racism is oppressing everyone… is just not enough. Now the school board is exploring a new plan, according to the San Francisco Examiner, to include structural racism, identity politics, and social justice in every course. 

Imagine how biology scores will skyrocket when teachers are forced to include social justice as part of the curriculum. American kids will learn that there are 57 genders on a spectrum – and humans can magically change their biological gender to a different one, simply by wishing and clicking their heels together three times. Science!

You’d think that a country that won the Cold War and the Space Race would have figured out the simple formula for how to churn out capable graduates. But the nation that sent people to the moon is now churning out “graduates” who can’t figure out how to fill in a pothole. Backwater nations that used to lag far behind the US are now kicking the tar out of American kids on standardized tests.

Look at Vietnam. Salaries in Vietnam range from $125 to $180 USD per month. In rural areas, barefoot kids in Vietnam go to a one-room schoolhouse with dirt floors.

But they’re way ahead of American kids on standardized testing in Science and Math, and barely trail American kids in Reading scores. It really puts the lie to the “more money is needed” argument.

It’s mandatory for all students in Vietnam to take Literature, Math, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, History, Geography, Foreign Language, Technology, and Military Education and Training. The entrance exams for a student to get into college in Vietnam are so difficult that most American college graduates could not pass them.

Notice anything missing from the curriculum in Vietnam? They’re not forcing students to sit through daily lectures about systemic racism or transgender justice. 6th graders in Vietnam are taking Algebra and Geometry, while 6th graders in America are being asked to write a paragraph about their feelings after learning that the Bad Orange Man is locking kids in concentration camps on our southern border. Golly, why are barefoot Vietnamese kids scoring 30 points higher on Math than American kids? It’s a big mystery!

The schools, the media and many branches of the federal government are telling us that white people – the ones who built this country and are still a majority – are somehow the biggest threat to our existence.

The New York Times decided this week that it’s going to focus all its news coverage, on every subject, on white supremacy and systemic racism in America. The schools are doing the exact same thing. That’s not even real! It makes about as much sense as adding Voodoo or “Global Warming” to the curriculum. Oh, wait.

If you loved your children, you would never put them in such an indoctrination system. This is why the homeschooling movement continues to grow in America – and homeschooled children are the one student demographic that isn’t getting its rear-end kicked by countries like Vietnam.

If you hate your kids, you would eagerly put them in a public-school system that’s not based in reality. Unfortunately, a lot of Americans are still doing just that, and they’re not demanding systemic changes to a broken propaganda schooling system.