Why the Biden Admin Does Not Want to End Lockdowns – Ever

The reopening process is more laborious than ever because of the far left. They cannot fathom any risk level whatsoever and they stand in the way of any plans to return to normalcy. The greater good does not matter to them at all. They are all about themselves. The Atlantic has a recent piece about this phenomenon entitled “The Liberals Who Can’t Quit Lockdown” and it is a great read. This excerpt is particularly illuminating:

“For many progressives, extreme vigilance was in part about opposing Donald Trump. Some of this reaction was born of deeply felt frustration with how he handled the pandemic. It could also be knee-jerk. “If he said, ‘Keep schools open,’ then, well, we’re going to do everything in our power to keep schools closed,” Monica Gandhi, a professor of medicine at UC San Francisco, told me. Gandhi describes herself as “left of left,” but has alienated some of her ideological peers because she has advocated for policies such as reopening schools and establishing a clear timeline for the end of mask mandates. “We went the other way, in an extreme way, against Trump’s politicization,” Gandhi said…

“Those who are vaccinated on the left seem to think overcaution now is the way to go, which is making people on the right question the effectiveness of the vaccines,” Gandhi told me. Public figures and policymakers who try to dictate others’ behavior without any scientific justification for doing so erode trust in public health and make people less willing to take useful precautions. The marginal gains of staying shut down might not justify the potential backlash.”

One of the piece’s central stories is from a town called Somerville, Massachusetts. This progressive enclave is a Bernie Sanders stronghold. When other towns decided to start sending their kids back to school, Somerville stood in staunch opposition. They wanted to hem and haw. Costly investigations took place, as they looked for ways to increase the safety levels at the schools.

What were the kids doing all of this time? They were stuck at home, falling further and further behind their peers. The adults didn’t care, though. It was more important to bicker among themselves. This excerpt provides a closer glimpse at the madness:

“Months slipped by, and evidence mounted that schools could reopen safely. In Somerville, a local leader appeared to describe parents who wanted a faster return to in-person instruction as “fucking white parents” in a virtual public meeting; a community member accused the group of mothers advocating for schools to reopen of being motivated by white supremacy. “I spent four years fighting Trump because he was so anti-science,” Daniele Lantagne, a Somerville mom and engineering professor who works to promote equitable access to clean water and sanitation during disease outbreaks, told me. “I spent the last year fighting people who I normally would agree with … desperately trying to inject science into school reopening, and completely failed.”

In March, Erika Uyterhoeven, the democratic-socialist state representative for Somerville, compared the plight of teachers to that of Amazon workers and meatpackers, and described the return to in-person classes as part of a “push in a neoliberal society to ensure, over and above the well-being of educators, that our kids are getting a competitive education compared to other suburban schools.” (She later asked the socialist blog that ran her comments to remove that quote, because so many parents found her statements offensive.) In Somerville, “everyone wants to be actively anti-racist. Everyone believes Black lives matter. Everyone wants the Green New Deal,” Elizabeth Pinsky, a child psychiatrist at Massachusetts General Hospital, told me. “No one wants to talk about … how to actually get kindergartners onto the carpet of their teachers.”

We keep waiting for progressives to realize that they need to remove their heads from their sphincters. News flash: it is the children who are suffering. There is no reason for this nonsense to continue but the liberal paralysis does not show any signs of slowing up any time soon.