Will Harris’ New Communications Director Communicate That She’s Suddenly a Better VP Than We All Assume?

Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com
Maverick Pictures / shutterstock.com

Kamala Harris is doing such a poor job as VP that she might as well not even be in office. It’s not as if we have seen her do anything. She’s useless. The only thing she’s capable of doing is keeping a seat warm. She was told to deal with the border crisis last year…and we’ve seen how well that’s gone.

As for her other “accomplishments,” have there been any? Go ahead and list them off, we’ll wait.

The only thing we hear about Harris is how much her staff hates her. The only press that she gets is bad press because she hasn’t done anything good to report on.

Harris has recently hired a new Communications Director. After all, the last one wasn’t communicating very well because Harris wasn’t coming across as a very competent individual.

However, is this new Communications Director going to be able to communicate things any better? Are we suddenly going to learn that Kamala Harris is this amazing Vice President, and we just had no idea? Unlikely.

But, let’s find out about who the new director is and what the White House hopes to accomplish.

Jamal Simmons has been tapped to fill the role. He’s been in Democratic circles for years. The only thing we don’t know is when his official start date will be. If it means that he’s capable of communicating some of what Harris has been up to since she took office, we’ll welcome the change with open arms.

Harris has been losing people left and right. In December, Harris lost both Symone Sanders and Ashley Etienne. There’s been a lot more criticism of Harris than she or the rest of her office had expected. But, that’s inevitable when Harris hasn’t done anything…and there’s not much left of her approval rating. Last we checked, it was hovering in the low 20s/high teens.

At this point, Simmons should have an easy job. He simply has to communicate literally anything that is positive about Harris so that her approval rating can go up.

Simmons will be filling the role that Etienne vacated, which means that he’ll need to get on as soon as possible since Harris has been over a week without the position being filled. And no one in the position means that Harris is failing to communicate in any effective manner.

Of course, we can always depend on her Twitter feed, which is about useless. We learn about her swearing-in ambassadors, which is literally the easiest part of the job. Then, she tweets about random things like “The American spirit is being tested. The answer to whether we will meet that test resides where it has always resided in our country – with you. The People.”

This vague comment basically puts the blame on the American people instead of on her. Perhaps if she wants to see the American spirit improve, she’ll do something about the southern border or go knock on Biden’s door to help him remove his head out of his backside, where it has been firmly implanted since last January.

We’re not expecting amazing things from Harris or Simmons, though. After all, Simmons has been in politics for over two decades and has been linked to the links of both Clinton and Obama. So, we’ll hear the same useless regurgitation as we have been hearing.