With Weak Biden Posing No Threat China Moves to End Democracy in Hong Kong

Most of the news that comes out of Hong Kong these days is not good and this story is no different. We wish that things could change but with Biden at the helm? We are not about to hold our breath. Now that China is issuing more mandates about Hong Kong elections, it is clear to see that they are not even trying to hide their actions anymore.

Hong Kong’s 70 person legislature is chosen with specific methods. There is a hybrid system that is currently in place. 35 members of the legislature are chosen by the public. The other 35 are chosen by a shadowy election committee that is full of Beijing loyalists.

There is a new mandate that will expand this legislature. There is one major difference this time around. The general public is going to have less input than ever before. Anyone who tries their hand at the world of politics in Hong Kong is going to be met harshly by the Chinese Communist Party.

The Associated Press has more:

“China has sharply reduced the number of directly elected seats in Hong Kong’s legislature in a setback for the territory’s democracy movement. The changes were announced Tuesday after a two-day meeting of China’s top legislature.

In the new make-up, the legislature will be expanded to 90 seats, and only 20 will be elected by the public. Currently, 35 seats, or half of the 70-seat legislature, are elected.

Of the other seats, 40 will be chosen by an election committee that currently selects Hong Kong’s leader. The remaining 30 will be picked by groups representing various professions and interests.”

China has voted to change the Hong Kong Constitution, which is about as authoritarian as it gets. Hong Kong citizens were not given the chance to vote on any of this either. The democratic process in Hong Kong is being corrupted more and more by the day. The citizens did not have a chance to vote on any of this. They were told how it is going to go and from there, they had no choice but to follow the Chinese marching orders.

There are only 20 seats left that are going to be filled through the usage of open elections. The election committee is being given even more power. Any candidates that are going to be running for these seats can be reviewed by the committee ahead of time. If they are deemed to be less than adequate “patriots”, they are told that they cannot run.

Anyone who wants to run will have to be loyal to Chinese authorities at all times. It is time for Americans to face the facts. If there was ever a pro-democracy movement for Hong Kong, it is dead and buried at this point. The Chinese are making sure of it. The UK is trying their best to alleviate the situation by allowing Hong Kong citizens to emigrate. In fact, they are not even putting an exact number on it, they are opening their doors to everyone.

Democracy activists are being locked up left and right. The authorities are claiming that thought crimes are being committed. Those who are able to leave need to give the UK a sizable amount of consideration. This may be their last chance to enjoy life in a society that is free of this type of authoritarian behavior. The Chinese are running a dictatorship and they do not care who knows it.

Biden has created an environment where the Chinese no longer fear any sort of reprisal, so they can now do whatever they want. It’s a horrific tragedy to watch unfold in real-time. Our hearts go out to all of the Hong Kong citizens who are currently living under the thumb of the cruel Chinese communists. They do not care whatsoever and they are broadcasting it to the rest of the world. Communism needs to be stamped out at the root and it’s time for Biden to step up.