World Leaders Embarrass Idiotic Biden Wearing Mask During Video Conference

Team Trump’s rapid response chief Andrew Clark had a quip once that is still running through our heads. He gently mocked Biden on Twitter for claiming that science has made a comeback, while also continuing to wear a mask in situations that don’t quite call for one. For example, who wears a mask on a Zoom call?

Sleepy Joe, that’s who. “Superstition is better” is the new message of the day and Biden does not seem to care who finds fault with it. He was on a conference call with various world leaders recently when this snafu occurred. If you take a closer look at the call, you will notice one thing.

None of the other world leaders on the call are wearing masks! You would think that Biden would realize his mistake and lose the mask but nope! He seems more than content to keep sitting there and looking like an idiot. There are a few leaders that we cannot see but all of the ones that are in sight have bare faces.

It is hard not to notice this but don’t tell that to Biden. This is the part where we kowtow to the leftists and take in their counterargument. They were the first ones screeching at anyone who made fun of the clip. “Well, actually, you don’t know if he was in the room alone!” they cried. They shook their fists to the heavens and were enraged with anyone who cracked one little joke.

For a group of people that loves to act like conservatives have no sense of humor, they are surprisingly thin skinned. Yes, most world leaders are going to have aides in the room with them on the call. That is to be expected. This is where we get lost, though.

We know that Biden has been vaccinated for some time now because we saw it happen with our own eyes. However, why would anyone in this room even need a mask? We were led to believe that the entire White House had already been vaccinated. The scandal that would take place if we learned that White House staffers were still not fully vaccinated would be a hilarious one.

After all, they are the ones who do not believe in allowing people to make this choice for themselves. They want 100 percent vaccination across the board. This interpretation is not a sensible one, though. The smart money is on a totally different explanation. This is merely a silly affectation and little else.

This White House is all about meaningless gestures. They love their virtue signaling and that’s all that is going on here. Little does Biden know that he is sowing the seeds of national discontent. Mitigation exhaustion is a major issue at the moment. This type of rhetoric disincentivizes people from receiving vaccines as well.

Biden also looks like he is severely disconnected from reality, which is a major problem that has to be addressed. How can people have faith in a president who looks like he is going through the motions on a constant basis? Vaccines are not going to seem appetizing to people who are being told that they are still going to have to take every precaution anyway.

We wish that we could give Biden enough credit to call this video a form of satire. Between this clip and the one of AOC showing off her filthy mask that needed to be thrown away, it is harder and harder to see the benefits of wearing one. Biden needs to give it up already and stop trying to convince people.

Americans have spent months begging for some small form of autonomy here. We are past the point where people are looking for mitigation assistance. They are only looking to get a semblance of their normal lives back. Biden is not helping matters at all with these silly gaffes. He needs a new sales pitch.