Wow! Oregon Democrats Pass Bill Paying Billions to Illegal Aliens for Medicaid

People who exist to spew bad faith leftist narratives love to ask questions that they already know the answers to. For example, they will ask why the illegal immigrants even come to America because it’s not like there is anything for them to gain from it, right? This story shows just how wrong they are, though.

Of course, the Oregon Democrats are heavily involved and once you see what they have cooked up here, it won’t shock you in the slightest. Kate Brown is the state’s governor and she’s a member of the far left. She’s more than happy to offer up her support for the bill that we are about to describe, too.

Taxpayer funds are now going to be used to provide illegal funding to illegal immigrants. Imagine being a resident of Oregon and working hard and paying your taxes…..only to find out that your money will be handed over to illegal immigrants as Kate Brown sees fit. It would be infuriating to anyone with pulse but the far left will be sure to call you a racist if you say that this is a problem.

Her office has been putting a lot of pressure on the Oregon Legislature to cover everyone, even if they are not a legal resident of the state. In other words, illegal immigrants will now be provided with health insurance, regardless of their status. “Everyone deserves access to health care. It’s the right thing to do, the just thing to do. And, it’s smart economic policy,” says Governor Brown.

Is this really a smart economic policy? The latest data that has been provided by the Pew Research Center states that there are over 100,000 illegal aliens currently residing in the state of Oregon. In most instances, the federal government would be subsidizing the costs that are associated with Medicaid spending. Non-citizens are not eligible for said funding, however.

This puts far-left governors who want to pander to their voting bases in a difficult situation. Oregon’s taxpayers are being asked to foot the bill. Let’s say that the state decided to cover half of their illegals who are currently on Medicaid. Some might be saying that this cost would not be that onerous but this is the furthest thing from the truth.

The cost of insuring even 50,000 people is astronomical, leaving Oregon taxpayers in the lurch. They would be shouldering the brunt of the costs, which could reach as high as $300 million. “Typically, Medicaid costs taxpayers about $6,000 per covered person per year. So, covering 50,000 would cost about $300 million a year,” states The Lund Report.

Socialist Democrats all over the country cannot stop trying to hand out free money to those who do not deserve it. If illegals are able to make their way across the border, they are promised all sorts of cash incentives by the Democrats. It is easy to see why so many of them do everything in their power to make their way here.

Biden gives them free hotel stays and even takes the time to send them to their preferred American city. It’s hilarious to watch him act shocked when they continue to come pouring in by the thousands. Marxists like him know that they cannot stay in power without the help of those who they bribe with free money and free access to health care. We are watching them purchase votes in real-time.

It’s saddening to say the least but Oregon is a state that loves all sorts of wacky liberal initiatives. This is the same state that has looked to do things like decriminalizing all drug possession. As illegal aliens receive more and more incentive to cross the border without going through the proper protocols, the real Americans who are willing to do things the right way are going to suffer. Oregon is now paving the way for some of the silliest legislation that we are ever going to see.