You Have to Watch This! BLM Activist Can’t Remember the Name in Whose Name He’s Burning Down Minneapolis

This is the most ridiculous thing that we have seen lately and considering the amount of insanity we have been subjected to? That is saying something. These are the scenes that make us wonder what country we are living in. The latest riots in Minneapolis that were sparked by the Black Lives Matter protesters contained on the funniest moments we have seen in some time.

Have you ever seen something that made you laugh, even though you knew that it should not? That’s where this story comes into play. These militants took to the streets and they did not even know why! When one of the many far-left media outlets that were on hand interviewed one man who was present, the activist had the silliest answer.

“I’m not gonna lie, I forgot his name,” they replied. How is this even possible? 32-year-old Winston “Boogie” Smith probably deserved better than this but that’s not what they seem to think. That’s not even the worst of this. Smith is alleged to have pulled out a gun before he was confronted by law enforcement.

This does not sound like a textbook case of police brutality to us but what do we know? Anytime that we take a look at these stories, we try to be as objective as possible. There’s no reason to fly off the handle every single time that these stories take place. Any death is a tragedy and Smith’s certainly deserves the proper attention from his friends and loved ones.

“The man killed by law enforcement today in #UptownMpls after he reportedly pulled a gun is being named by friends on social media as Winston Boogie Smith, Jr., 32,” tweeted the Crime Watch MPLS account. The mainstream media is not going to tell the whole story about this one, either.

They are not about to let the world know that the protesters who were involved here did not even know the man’s name. These rioters were so eager to take to the streets, they did not even stop to learn the facts. If they did not know the man’s name, there is no chance that they have any idea what Smith was even being arrested for.

Smith was wanted on a state warrant, as he is a felon who was in possession of a firearm. Once he was stopped by US Marshals, that is when things took a more ugly turn. The US Marshals Service says he “produced a handgun” and that’s why they were forced to use deadly force.

The “movement” that these people are trying to start is not going to get very far if they do not even know what they are talking about. It’s not going to get anyone on your side, that is for sure. These anarchists may want to have their own dictatorship where they are able to tear the streets apart at the first sign of unrest but that’s not a society that anyone should want to live in.

It should not matter whether you are on the left or the right. The objective truth remains the same, regardless of how you may feel about it. That’s one of the biggest problems that the far left has these days. They think that the facts care about their feelings. Everything with them comes down to this and they do not realize it because they are too busy making everyone into villains when they do not agree with them.

This is the story that should wake people up and make them realize that the “movement” is pure fiddle faddle. We wish that everyone else would wake up to this but let’s face it. The mainstream media has a pretty sizable investment in making sure that everyone remains asleep. If these videos were exposed to the wider public, they would not be able to fear monger and blame “white supremacy” for every issue that exists.